Nintendo Strives to Get You Away From the Television

For many fans of Nintendo, the E3 reveal of Project Cafe was a bit of a letdown. The rumor mill of the internet had been hard at work about a gaming system that would truly rival the Ps3 or 360 consoles, and a handheld device didn’t exactly meet their expectations.

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iamnsuperman2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I am sorry but "The major strength of the unit will come from the fact that it isn’t a completely “portable” device.  In this respect, they have no competition at all" is a retarded sentance. Just because it is both doesn't mean it has competition. It infact has more competition than the Wii had. It has its old console to contend with (why would the casual upgrade if the wii fit and balance board works fine) it also has competition with the tablet gaming. Tablets are extremely portable and have vast amount of functions and are cheaper. They way there making this a tablet console is a bad move. The selling point should be the streeming but that is limited. A lot of casual have gone to the next motion gaming (Kinect). This is there other competion along with the PS3 (in terms of power and games)

Its a hard sell. Its neither fully a tablet nor fully next gen (setting major benchmarks) gaming machine it cant without costing a bomb load

blitz0x2715d ago

What I mean by "no competition" is exactly what you said: "Its neither fully a tablet nor fully next gen". There's nothing out there like it at all. Its a touch-screen with buttons, and has 100% focus on games. Unless MS or Sony develop something similar for their systems, it will remain unique, like the Wii was for a very long time.

Asking why the casual gamers would upgrade is pretty simple to answer - it's the system where the newest games will be released for home play, and also titles that Nintendo fans have never before played on Nintendo consoles, such as the aforementioned Tekken.

You mentioned that tablets are cheaper, but that's not exactly the same either. If compared to the iPad or even android tablets, you have functionality but no real gaming focus. You won't see major game companies developing amazing titles on that technology when they have this machine as an option.

browngamer42714d ago

Wow really? What "Nintendo fan" was let down? Cause it sure was not me-my mind was blown big time I for one am excited as he-ll for this system! And all this talk of this new system being underpowered and what not is's confirmed that this thing is a beast(by developers..and that zelda hd looked way tighter than any 360 shite)we just arent sure how powerful..probably won't know untill it is released..

jacksonmichael2714d ago

That, and, during their roundtable tonight, Ubisoft said that their dev kits aren't even finalized tech. We might even get "More power" Home Improvement style.

DJMarty2714d ago

'Away from the TV'

Then why are you restricted too staying near the console, that defeats the object really.

A PS3/PSVita combo doing remoteplay/cloud saving/Crossplay on the go, is less restrictive and offers far more.