7 things about the Wii and Nintendo U

Some questions without an answer during Nintendo E3 press conference

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Zanarkand4651d ago

Thumbs up if Shodan's irresistible image brought you here.

ramon_v4651d ago

Seriously. How my hopes jumped sky high for a minute there seeing that pic... only to crash hard when i followed the link to the stupid (unrelated) story.

how do you say "dick move" & "totally misleading" in polish?

b_one4651d ago

Try google translate ;)

ramon_v4651d ago

ok, but how bout we both use google then...

you can try google image search to find a more appropriate header image ;)

Zanarkand4651d ago

I feel the same way, the last time i heard of System Shock 3 was in 3-4 years ago and its in the hands of EA so i have no idea how will that play out but since even the smallest bit of info is like a golden plate here's something recent:


BlackIceJoe4651d ago

What does this have to do with System Shock? I opened this topic because I saw that picture & it said rumor. So I thought maybe EA talked about the possibility of SS3 for WiiU. But nothing about SS3. So I am disappointed.

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shinoff218315d ago

I bought always awakening and it's sequel off Amazon for ps4 I didn't know it was released for nes for retro people lol.


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P_Bomb72d ago

Total market revenue = 95% digital 5% boxed! 😵

Christopher72d ago

MTX is massive, so it does warp this. Lots of the biggest revenue streams are in-game and not on shelves at all. But you know where a ton of kids get the in-game currency to buy them? From cards sold at B&M stores.