Why WiiU Will Not Tempt XBoxers

What is the WiiU? Why would 360 gamers care?

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dedicatedtogamers2687d ago

Yes, the opinion of all non-Nintendo gamers.

Wii U is not tempting to anyone right now, because in order to tempt, you need to show off interesting games.

Nintendo already played the "check out this awesome tech" card with the 3DS and look how well that's doing...

Optical_Matrix2687d ago

you speak for everyone? No, you don't. Wii U is tempting to me. Zelda and Smash Bros alone make it so

dedicatedtogamers2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Then I feel sorry for people who have been suckered by Nintendo once again. They made big promises on the Wii, but did Nintendo deliver? No, not really. They've made big promises with the 3DS and so far they have not delivered. They're making big promises once again with the Wii U. I'm not buying it.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times a year since the N64 era: I'm a Nintendo fan.

gaden_malak2687d ago

Thanks. I was worried this was going to be based on facts...

Cardenjs2687d ago

When I first commented, this was listed as an Article rather than opinion

Brasi822687d ago

Any gamer who likes quality Nintendo content will be tempted to buy the WiiU. Sorry to say but people who own just one console shouldn't consider themselves "hardcore" (I hate that word "hardcore") But hey that's just IMO.

5119ent2687d ago

well according to ms they all want kinect games so wii u looks perfect....

5119ent2687d ago

personally it seems more hardcore than the xbox 360 moving foward

Shackdaddy8362687d ago

Agree. Microsoft is going toward the wii. Nintendo seems like they are at least trying to get away from that path.

Mac is OK2687d ago

That might change once there's a Call of Duty game for Wii U where you can use the controller to select which part of the map to call air support, or put down a camera drone and see it on the controller.

Shackdaddy8362687d ago

I'm pretty excited to use the control as a motion detector in Colonial Space Marines (Anyone else see this happening or is it just me?).

jadnice2687d ago

Nintendo did nothing this E3 to give core gamers any sort of interest in the Wii U... What they have done is clearly give the 86 million Wii owners a reason to upgrade. Not a bad business model since it also means they are making sure their current Wii base do not gravitate to the 360 as a viable HD option.

What remains to be seen is if Nintendo can get once loyal Nintendo fans, like myself, that got frustrated with the Wii and went to 360 and/or PS3 for our HD gaming needs. I am willing to give N another chance if the specs are close or on point to what is rumored for it to be and a serious no bullsh*t approach to get core games on the system. This also may mean buying or owning more 1st and 2nd party developers who have a proven track record for core games. For example... what will be Wii U exclusive defining racer to go toe to toe with the likes of GT and Forza series (mario kart does not compare so don't even go there)..

They talk the talk with Wii U... now u need to walk the walk or just walk of a the cliff and be lost to core gamers forever. We already know casual gamers love Nintendo and nothing wrong with that. Do not get me wrong, I love me some Mario and Zelda but that cannot only be my real options.

ape0072687d ago

the idea of a next gen nintendo games alone is GREAT

the controller, ummm, Im not sure How i feel about it, mixed feeling, will it change the landscape of games like the D-pad or the shoulder buttons or the analog stick or will it be a nice flashy addition??

time will tell

jadnice2687d ago

The concept of the Wii U controller I like and can think of many kool ways to implement it for both casuals and gore gamers.

I am still waiting on the specs for the Wii U, an in-depth look at their plan for Wii U online space and also how serious are they in developing for the hardcore gamers...

It is already a given that Wii casual user will upgrade to the Wii since all their peripherals will work. This gen I was force to purchase a PS3 (up to that point I have always owned a Nintendo product). I hope to wowed with the Wii U and purchase one to compliment the PS3. This can only happen with great specs (meet or slightly exceed the PS3) and a commitment to online services and community.

Fallouts2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Am I an xboxer for having a xbox? If so then what am I for liking the wii2?

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