GameOn: XCOM E3 2011 In-Depth Preview

GameOn writes - "XCOM was one of the most surprising and controversial announcements of E3 2010. Many fans of the original series were up in arms about the reinvention of the franchise as a first-person shooter by 2K Marin. Indeed, the demo that we saw there a year ago had a lot more in common with the gameplay of Bioshock than UFO: Enemy Unknown, but it still seemed a promising and unusual title. So, it was something of a surprise when we discovered that a lot has been changed in 12 months. XCOM is now shaping up to be an unusual fusion of genres that promises to remain true to the themes of the early games."

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suriel2687d ago

This game has changed so much from E3 last year, maybe they took the opinion of the gaming community and implemented changes.
The early versions of this didn't really resemble the source material so to speak. Looks interesting now, a different kind of fps experience possibly.

VampiricDragon2687d ago

looks like the death of the xcom series to me

Garethvk2687d ago

I liked what I saw but it was not the X Com I had known and loved. I also thought during the presentation that the amopunt of micro management might mess up gameplay as in a piched battle, I want to worry about things more than commanding two dolts around.

JimmyG2687d ago

Loving the preview, I really can't wait for this! With all the major changes it has to be something to look out for.