Tomb Raider E3 demo was 15 mins condensed to under 6

A lot of people were very excited by Crystal Dynamics’ showing of Tomb Raider during Microsoft’s pre-E3 media briefing the other day. But there were also some criticisms flying around the web. Didn’t it seem to lack flow a little? Didn’t there seem to be an awful lot of quick-time events in quick succession?

Well, yes, say Crystal Dynamics. Because that was actually 15 minutes of game chopped down into a five and a half minute demo.

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Aibo2741d ago

I think this is good news. Love to play slow and take time to explore, like in old days, back in 90's.

CyberCam2741d ago

Agreed! What they showed was decent. However I would like to see what the combat is like... if it's the same old auto aim when pressing the fire button, it'll be a big disappointment!

TheEatingChampagne2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

This game looks fucking incredible..
i love all the new Tomb Raider games that were developed by Crystal Dynamics, this one looks better than all of them.

stuntman_mike2741d ago

been waiting ages to see actual game play footage and it doesn't dissapoint. I like what they are doing with this game.

no_more_heroes2741d ago

This kinda makes me want to play a Tomb Raider game again.

LilDeja932741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

This is what a reboot is all about, at least their going in the right direction, unlike other reboots >>


l_P_Freely2741d ago

Right direction? dude, from what i saw, you solve some puzzles/obstacle and she gets fvced up. She solve some more puzzles/obstacle, she gets fucked up even more. It looked like a dam torcher video. Nothing really stood out about the gameplay at all...just a bloody mess.

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