E3: Twisted Metal Gameplay Footage

A 10 minute video of off-screen Twisted Metal gameplay at E3 2011.

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Der_Kommandant2687d ago

I was transported back to 1995 by the music :D

ilikestuff2687d ago

boom he exclaims! this game looks like a blast

PLAYER50952687d ago

I was transported back to 1873 by the music :D

bruddahmanmatt2687d ago

Obviously it'd be ridiculous to expect Gran Turismo levels of visuals here, but I gotta hand it to ESP, the game looks much improved over what they showed us at E3 last year. Gameplay looks a little more fast-paced and less cumbersome as well.

waterboy2687d ago

to be honest as ive been saying since the beginning of this gen grand turismo is aiming for a more art visuals gt aimed for photorealism, its subjective which looks better

i agreed though theres much more going on at once in twisted metal and physics and destruction

bruddahmanmatt2687d ago

Oh I agree. With all that's going on on-screen, I wouldn't expect TM to have car models as detailed as GT's, but overall I was impressed with what appeared to be quite a leap in visual quality over what we saw last year at E3. Twisted Metal looked much more polished visually, at least to my eyes anyway.

ElementX2687d ago

Looks like PS2 graphics.

ElementX2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I've never played Twisted Metal but I do enjoy vehicular combat games. I will keep an eye on this.

YogiBear2684d ago

If you enjoy vehicular combat games and haven't played Twisted Metal, then you haven't really played a good vehicular combat game.

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