Mirror's Edge 2 on Frostbite 2? 'You'll see that combination', says EA boss

Battlefield 3 looks stunning, right? Imagine a sequel to Mirror's Edge running on the same engine.

EA Games President Frank Gibeau has all but confirmed that we'll eventually see Mirror's Edge 2 running on Frostbite 2, telling Gametrailers that "you'll see that combination, I'm sure".

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-Superman-2780d ago

I think Mirror Edge is underrated game.
This game is amazing, rooftops, so bright.
Sometime i want to live in there :D

sikbeta2780d ago

"EA Games President Frank Gibeau has all but confirmed that we'll eventually see Mirror's Edge 2 running on Frostbite 2" -> I can only say, Finally!

ABizzel12780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I really liked Mirror's Edge, the problem with it was that it was that there wasn't enough action for most gamers to enjoy, and unfortunately they missed out on a really good game.

If they make another one, it really needs to up the ante on the chase sequences, and make the level design more diverse (give more options to moving around), make it open world (Mirror's Edge was pseudo open world), and make the controls more natural so more people will want to play.

Also even though you're not really suppose to shoot, there are people who want to, so the gun play needs to be better without turning it into a shooter.

Another game added to the list of Most Underrated games this gen.

I_find_it_funny2780d ago

Mirror's Edge is one of my special game. It's 100% buy as long as they won't ruin it somehow.

TheIneffableBob2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Making it more accessible would increase sales, but I wish they wouldn't. I feel like doing things like adding more gunplay would detract from the core gameplay and just be there for the sake of appeal.

I don't want Mirror's Edge to end up like Dragon Age: going from a smart, well-thought-out game to a dumbed down game made to find a broad audience rather than sticking with the people who found the first game great.

But business is business, I suppose. I find myself playing a lot of indie games recently just because they tend to be so much more interesting.

snipes1012780d ago

This is almost better news than anything announced at E3 for me. One of my favorite games of all time.

ABizzel12780d ago

I said improve the gunplay not turn it into a shooter. EA has to improve the sales in order for the franchise to stick around, and to do that they need to improve parts of the game.

nnotdead2780d ago

don't improve the gameplay. just get ride of it. only time your character should touch a gun would should be when you disarm an enemy. maybe have a choice to have a deadly or nonlethal way to disarm enemys. could also be part of a Karma system. maybe lethal disarming will kill the guy you grab, and maybe take out another nearby enemy, but will affect how other characters and the game world react to what you're doing.

Perjoss2780d ago

Only problem is I'm pretty sure they already said the sequels will be quite a different style of game. So fans of the gameplay might not be so happy about this news.

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bodybombs2780d ago

i agree, i love the minimalist look behind the art direction.

JBaby3432780d ago

I also liked the look of the city. So clean and defined. The game itself was good but those time trials frustrated me to no end. The game consistently punked me and I gave up on them after so many hours without any progress.

I would like to see a sequel though.

The Great Melon2780d ago

Don't forget it also had really nice colors to go with the clean look. I don't think I have played game since that had such drastic differences in colors.

snipes1012780d ago

Disagree with me if you will here...but given the extremely clean look of the first game, I think a future title should have cel shading. I think that would look awesome if they did it right. The artistic quality of ME is top notch and they could do pretty much anything with it and it would still look great.

bodybombs2780d ago

i love cell shading, however, im not sure if id like it for this game. i think what set it off for me the most was that it didnt feel so much like a cartoon

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blackhammer2780d ago

Personally, I got bored of Mirror's Edge after the first couple hours, but I did enjoy the free-runner gameplay.

If this truly happens, hopefully they'll add in a deeper gameplay experience and story, as well as a brand-new world full of awe but still remain somewhat minimalist in terms of colour.

Definitely a pretty game. Just not my cup of tea. Looking forward to future developments.

Longsama2780d ago


Gamingisfornerds2780d ago

That would be absolutely amazing! Mirrors Edge has such underrated visuals.

Paragon2780d ago

That would - indeed - be awesome. Mirror's Edge was so unique, and the graphics themselves were amazing and very clean to me.

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