Final Fantasy XV for consoles, spin off for handhelds

Square Enix reports that a direct sequel to the latest Final Fantasy Games will comes for the current consoles, but spin offs for handhelds.

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Tailor-DKS2780d ago


Kee2780d ago

Lets not get too excited. It has just as much potential to be bad as it does to be good.

It's not square from the 90s.

b163o12780d ago

Agreed, I've lost a lot of respect for SE this generation. They're just not like they were like you said in the 90's. I've turned my attention to developers like Atlus and From software, to fill there void...

GrieverSoul2780d ago

I wont get excited for it since SE has been a let down but dont blame this generation.
Downhill began when they went from Squaresoft to Squere Enix. That was in the transition from FFX to FFXII. FFXII was a good game but the gambits showed an almost control free game with AI leading the gambits orders. Little control but still some control. In XIII the X button did wonders alone wich was a shame.

Reibooi2780d ago

I really hate this Google translate crap. You can't understand a damn thing and considering a Real source hasn't reported on this it's hard to take it serious without real details that make sense.

I mean it is misleading just because of the translation. It says SE said the next final fantasy will be for home consoles. But that doesn't mean PS3 Xbox 360 and Wii U it could mean the next gen as those would still be home consoles.

What did SE really say? Who knows this translation sure doesn't help.

Capt-FuzzyPants2780d ago

Yea it makes me question how reliable this is. Is there any other source I can read cause this english makes no sense.

DragonKnight2780d ago

I agree with you on principle, but this could be a REAL source in that country.

StbI9902780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


Dread2780d ago

Squaresoft was awesome!!!!!

Square Enix??????
not so good.

since the merger the games have gone down hill gameplay and quality wise
too bad because I loved Enix and Squaresoft. Sometimes megers ruin everything.


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Cecker2780d ago

could be a deal, if Final Fantasy XIII-2 is going to be good!

Cecker2780d ago

FF Versus XIII is not there but they talk about FF XV.. :D

catguykyou2780d ago

Seriously, where is Versus?

Commander_TK2780d ago

TGS. The mastermind Nomura must show something at TGS.

KillaManiac2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Ya...then at TGS they announce Versus is delayed and FFXIII-3 is announced.

Serious wonder why your company is going down in value every year. How about you release the game this century.

sikbeta2780d ago

No Versus lol what the hell is wrong with SE?

Capt-FuzzyPants2780d ago

Yea just like everyone else said it'll probably be at TGS. I'm pretty sure Nomura said that if it wasn't at E3 it would defintely be at TGS.

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Surfaced2780d ago

I thought forum posts weren't allowed for news submissions?

How is this not a forum post?

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