Wii U - Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None?

Yesterday, Nintendo finally unveiled the much-whispered-about Project Cafe, in the guise of oddly-named wonder Wii U

Is this really the ideal, though?

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VampiricDragon2740d ago

the guy never tried it. His opinion is worthless

Apex132740d ago

it's amazing hw many people do that and what is the issue with people hating on the big N, if you dont like it dont like it r buy it. simple

meganick2740d ago

This is like the 12th opinion piece I've seen about the Wii U since it was announced at E3. We know so little about the Wii U that it's hard to form any valuable opinion about it, so let's wait for more details about performance specs, games, controller functionality, price, etc., before we start forming opinions. Can we all do that?

kungfuian2740d ago

Kind of agree here. I'm not sold on all the potential functionalities of the controller. It appears to do a lot of interesting/cool little things, but none that really stand out as amazing or must have for me. Def nothing on the level of when the Wii was first released.

Plus the Wii's motion controls are easy to understand to even the non-gamer, and therefore easy to market, where as this thing looks a little more complex/abstract.

Becasue of this new focus on versatility, lack of WOW factor, and the lack of a simple easy to unrderstand control scheme, I'm not convinced Nintendo will be able to sell it's new vision to as broad an audience as the Wii.

IMO, it's just too complex for the casual, and not quite hardcore enough to draw away the core from sony/ microsoft.

Then again, this presentation was focused on demos showing potential applications. Nintendo haven't shown off that genre redefining killer app that puts all the peices together. Gonna have to wait for that before making any true long term judgement/predictions.