Does Microsoft need some new exclusive IP’s?

Player Affinity writes: "Halo: Combat Evolved anniversary, a new Halo trilogy and Gears of War 3, they are the heavy hitters this E3 for the Xbox 360. But their showcasing really makes something hit home with regards to Microsoft’s exclusives. That being the barrel is drying out fast! I love both Halo and Gears of War, but they’re not going to be enough to carry another console. Mass Effect and Bioshock were huge losses for the Xbox 360, and the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the Kinect based Fable is not good news for them either. The answer to the question above is simply yes."

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kaifester2782d ago

Short answer yes. I love Microsoft but all we have been getting lately are sequels. wee need something other then FPS.

Max_Dissatisfaction2782d ago

Um even though I agree that Microsoft needs new ip's (like 5 or 6) they only have ONE FPS IP. A very successful one, one whose success the competition would love to emulate with their shooters, but still only ONE.
What they need is to explore the other IP's they already own. Conker, Crimson Skies, Too Human ect. I know I'd buy Too Human 2

The Meerkat2782d ago

Too Human 2 where are you?

I need to see what Loki does with that giant.

Active Reload2782d ago

I'm baffled at all these "adults" who say they buy and play all these games. Where do you find the time? I'm actually trying to work on getting a better job that pays more and I work less. Wish me luck, lol.

CynicalVision2782d ago

To be honest all three companies could benefit from having new and exclusive IP's. More selection is always a good thing for consumers.

Prcko2782d ago

halo and gears are enough i think.
they tried hard with alan wake but only 1 million sold so they just doing halo and gears for now with bunch of kinect stuff

Bigpappy2782d ago

Well there is fable and Forza, plus a PC convert here and there (Witcher,Torch light and that russian shooter epocolypse game). But the truth is: there is really have a lot of games to play. 3rd party games are huge sellers and take up a lot of time. I could only see exclusives being a big deal, when the support is laxed or it fills a void. If it does not sell, it does not make since making it.

Munky2782d ago

It depends, their consoles sales would suggest that they don't. But ask any 360 owner (or any gamer regardless of their console of choice) and they will tell you that games are what matters most. We are getting to a point where exclusivity has become less important to a good chunk of the gaming community. But with that being said, exclusive games are often the deciding factor when purchasing a console, so the answer to that question is not as cut and dry as it seems to be. Personally, I will purchase a game on whether it interests me and not what console it is on.

The Meerkat2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

The problem is what gap would a new IP fill?

I don't think there is enough raw horsepower left in this gen to make a new killer IP in an existing genre.

It has to scream WOW right out of the box, and make everything else look stale.

If they have a new IP hidden away then they are going to keep it for a launch title on the Nextbox.

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