The First 10 Minutes: Virtua Fighter 5

Gamersyde: "Sega was nice enough to send us a review copy of Virtua Fighter 5 on Friday, and I'm happy to show you guys the beginning of the Quest mode. Visually the game is 99% identical to the PS3 version, maybe a bit shaper looking but that's it. As for the playability the 360 pad isn't the best out there for precise controls, but using an arcade stick or simply "modding" it with a knife and sandpaper helps tremendously. This game is a definite must buy for fans of the genre who don't have the PS3 game or want a quite good online experience".

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fe104872d ago

That girls know how to fight..

wangdiddy824872d ago

will they make a bloody fighting game like this and tekken..

Anyway tekken is better.. I didnt like this game for the ps3.. To boring..

picker3324871d ago

I liked this game on the ps3 about 1 to 2 week's then i got bored.
Better if it was online like 360.
But like wangdiddy82 sed Tekken is better and more combos and hard once too!
Still waiting for tekken online.
Anyway it's strange that all the xbot's sed that this game is sh*t becouse it was on the ps3 but now they say that this game is good.
Well this game is old anyway ,those who have the ps3 version think this is old...
But so is tekken,but you can't get bored with tekken so...Peace out boy's.

Zhuk4871d ago

Anyone that thinks Tekken is better than Virtua Fighter needs to have their head checked, it's like comparing a Rembrandt to a 50c Postcard.


visually its 99% identical, as in the lincoln navigator 2006 is 99% identical to the navigator 2007, but there are things in the 2007 navigator that are just availible that werent in the 2006 version, lets see if the 180 can copy a more advanced ps3 exclusive like say,"metal gear 4?" NAW, aint happenin

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