AMD Reloads FX Brand for High-End Gaming

"AMD's FX brand will enable an over-the-top experience for PC enthusiasts," said Leslie Sobon, vice president of AMD's worldwide product marketing, in a statement. "By combining an unlocked, native eight-core processor, the latest in chipset technology, and AMD's latest graphics cards, FX customers will enjoy an unrivalled feature set and amazing control over their PC's performance."

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MinusTheBear2741d ago

AMD needs to make up their minds on their different brands.

JsonHenry2741d ago

I think it is funny how much extra Intel/AMD charge for their high end CPUs when (typically) just a small amount of OCing will make their budget brand CPUs perform almost as well. When you take in the price/performance ratio they outshine the high ends more often than not.

ATiElite2741d ago

it's good to see AMD bring back the FX which was their high performance label. AMD is a great chip maker with really affordable prices as I have had plenty of them in my time.

But unfortunately bout time AMD releases Bulldozer I'll be looking to upgrade my Core i5 2500k to 2600k or socket 2011. AMD has to move quicker if they want to really "act like" they are competing with Intel.

BeastlyRig2741d ago

Intel's new 3d transistor tech looks very interesting!