E3 2011: John Carmack on Rage, PC graphics, iOS games, and OnLive.

LOS ANGELES--John Carmack is known to PC gamers as the lead programmer behind classics such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. His latest project is Rage, a post-apocalyptic action game coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 later this year. An iOS prequel, called Rage HD, was released last year, redefining what the iPad and iPhone were graphically capable of.

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DJMarty2741d ago

OnLive is shite, a cheap PC has better specs/graphics.

B1663r2741d ago

That is the main problem with OnLive... You can go buy a computer for $500-$600 nowadays that can play ~most~ modern games, making the service superfluous. And you still have to buy the games...

But Im with Carmack on this... Someday it will be in interesting value proposition. But not today.

theonlylolking2741d ago

Oh do not like John Carmack.

I think ONlive should be more widely used because it is really good(for those that have crap PC's).

wallis2741d ago

Bit concise but it was still a cool read. Carmack is known for being to the point and a little uncompromising on the technical side of things. I really appreciate the 60fps design choice on rage, I think we're damn close to hitting a bench mark on visual quality so it can't hurt to maybe step back that one or two per cent and just make a game that really FEELS amazing.

Whether Rage is any good though will be an interesting point. Id have come a long way and so has the fps market. One thing I will say for definite though is that the technology behind it is is astounding, and that the gaming industry is lucky to have Carmack involved the way he is. This is a guy who could be a nuclear physicist at NASA if he wanted to.

Jamzluminati2741d ago

Rage is a myth. It is never going to be released.

-We are watching

wallis2741d ago

Then you should be able to see which finger I'm holding up to my monitor right now.

Jamzluminati2741d ago

Elf you too sire.

-We are watching