Wii U: This is what the developers think about it

GB: "We have got videos from renowned video game developers sharing their thoughts about Nintendo’s newest console: The Wii U."

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Maxned2692d ago

It's nice to know there will be at least some solid 3rd party support for Nintendo's next console. Couldnt really say the same for Wii...

MintBerryCrunch2692d ago

Martin Tremblay??

wonder if there is any relation to ethan tremblay

fatstarr2692d ago

I wish no more heroes would have stayed nintendo exclusive
that game was so fun

hope it comes to wii-u

jwk942692d ago

What does the fun factor have to do with it being an exclusive?

looza2692d ago

Apparently he thinks it more fun if other console owners can't enjoy it. Talk about selfish!!!

fatstarr2692d ago

No its not selfish, why should wii owners and nintendo fans become the test market to see what sells and flops then when it becomes a success port it over.

that's how i feel, sega, ubisoft, capcom, and alot more companies do it

then when it goes to other systems the bashing of the wii version being inferior and such and such comes on. if there was a level of respect i wouldn't care but that respect isnt there.

fatstarr2692d ago

because it got gimped and botched when ported to the ps3/360

can no longer say its a nintendo exclusive title

im just pointing things out that nintendo can use for its wii-u arsenal of games


I could see the point if you were talking of WiiU game ported for "last gen" platforms, but porting from Wii to HD consoles... How the hell would it "gimp" the version? Those consoles have way more power than Wii, anything but that is a question of development decision (as in, what the controller play like) not a question of hardware capability.

ape0072692d ago

using the WIIU to launch a Predator missile in cod or air strike in bf or mini games in mario party or or or or


Bloodyash2692d ago

I don't know about wii u i mean if they release it Years ago it was going to be a new good idea but now you have ps vita

StarCSR2692d ago

You have PS Vita.. Indeed, you have: a great handheld with great graphics. BUT: still a handheld that's sold seperately and a device that game developers can't take as a certainty in making their games. With the Wii-U the developers KNOW they have got a second small screen.