Super Street Fighter II HD Remix: First Clear Footage

People have seen the HD artwork on the Capcom blog and now they can finally see HD in motion. Surprisingly it looks way better from a direct feed than from shaky cam. Go figure.

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Bloodmask4873d ago

released previously but the quality of the Shaky cam video was horrible. You could barely see anything. At least with this video you can see "some" of the detail.

This is one of the greatest fighting games ever made. I have faith that Capcom will do everything right with it. Hopefully Capcom will also release some other older classics with updated HD artwork.

Little King4873d ago

Will he be able to perform the Raging Demon? This would be a nice bonus considering the orignal did not have it.

Bnet3434873d ago

I doubt it, unless this game allows you to do level 3 supers, because thats what the raging demon is.

Skerj4873d ago

I doubt it King, they said they're keeping everything intact from the original Super Turbo which is why they're not adding more animation frames. So I think the only time you'd see him using it is to kill Bison. But who knows they might let you.

mighty_douche4873d ago

..but this was psted here yesterday.

oh well, still looks great. should of added cross network play! SF4 take note :)

Salvadore4873d ago

Looks great, but still keeps that arcade feel.

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The story is too old to be commented.