Virtual Sex Toys + Hacks = Second Life Lawsuit

If someone swiped your SexGen Platinum Base Unit v4.01 (left) or your Classic DeVille Floor Lamp, you'd complain wouldn't you?

Hell, yeah…

A half-dozen Second Life entrepreneurs have done a bit more than that, actually. They've filed suit in U.S. District Court against a New York Second Lifer who, they allege, stole their virtual item designs and resold them within the game.

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G4L4872d ago

just wait until they start stealing bong designs, then im going to get mad,lol

theoneandonly4871d ago

Talk about people with no lives.

Merovee4871d ago

These people designed and programmed these objects in an attempt to make some cash. All items made in Second Life are the intellectual properties of the creators, and there are several people making livings (and even more making some extra cash) in Second Life. Copyright infringement is illegal no matter where it happens, if not, there would be no software copyright laws at all.

If Gates or Jobs sued for someone releasing Windows or OSX under another name, would you say they had no lives?