Miyamoto - Wii U is Technically on Par with Xbox 360 and PS3

SegmentNext - "Nintendo is confident Wii U hardware capabilities finally put them on the equal footing with their competitors".

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THC CELL2784d ago

i really dont think it will be par with ps3 as the 360 is not the same as ps3

Active Reload2784d ago

I think it's going to have higher frame rates and resolutions than those two consoles. That's my prediction...

EYEamNUMBER12784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

tittles are all so misleading around E3
i thought we were finally gonna get some insight on details of the console or something

yeah hes saying they believe it can do everything the others can
details on the actual system or still not there and i don't think well see em until september

Muletroid2784d ago

"When asked about whether Wii U with its hardware capabilities has put Nintendo on equal footing with its competitors, he replied"

then he just simply says
"Yes, we do feel that we’ve reached that"

that doesn't really tell me its on par technically
id love to get some actual info ive been seeing nothing but speculation for weeks now and im getting sick of it

Anarki2783d ago

Nintendo struck again.... come on guys, 360/ps3 is 5-6 years old and even then the tech wasn't the best. I'd expect infinitely better by now, especially considering the advancement in technology

SuperLupe2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Dude the gap between the PS3 and 360 simply isnt that big at all, like really REALLY far from what you people try to make it out to be or wish it is.

waterboy2783d ago Show
sikbeta2783d ago

On par? come on Nintendo... :P

Pixel_Enemy2783d ago

So Nintendo admit they are finally joining THIS generation of hardware. A bit late because Sony and MS will be revealing their next gen hardware by the time WiiU is released

zootang2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Still no HD format, Blu Ray.

SilentNegotiator2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

That's why when they sputter out the phrase "1080p" to any question about graphics, they refuse to use words like "native", "aliasing", and "framerate".......or even "better than"
Guess what? PS3 and 360 "support 1080p", too.

Reggie is stumbling over a question about how it runs in comparison, and it's "It has 1080p....check that box"
Can we check the box next to "Better graphics than PS3/360"? Or "native 1080p"?

If it's on par, obviously not. And their refusal to release REAL specs doesn't exactly instill confidence that it will have better framerates, resolutions, etc.

afterMoth2783d ago

I'd be bummed if it was only graphically matching the 360.. Quite a bit better if it matches the PS3 but still I'd hope for an advancement considering it comes out lat 2012.

360 man2783d ago

@ waterboy. the gap is big with exclusives ay?

well forza 4 is graphically superior that gt5 so how do u like those apples.

watch video if u dont believe me :P

NiKK_4192783d ago

We'll see

Nice name btw

Dramscus2783d ago

@360 man

Haven't all their previous release vids been pre rendered on a pc with graphics and effects maxed out?

krauley2783d ago

for the wiiu to match ps3/x360 frame rates and resolution its gonna need a processor with power. cpu power = heat. the heat will need fan(s) and heatsink(s) to cool down cpu. So if nintendo does try to match the other 2 systems its not gonna be coming from that little white box seen in the e3 demo.

MaxXAttaxX2783d ago

SHOW me actual gameplay first.

Then we'll talk.

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metsgaming2783d ago

Impossible, the xbox360 and PS3 arent on par so how can the Wiiu be on par with both of them? So which is it closer to in terms of graphics a 360 or PS3?

Dread2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

sorry dude but the difference between the 360 and playstaiton 3 is marginal at best. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages.. But it is a real stretch to claim that one is far superior than the other.

Crysis 2, the new Tomb Raider, Rage, Battlefield 3, all look amazing and equal or better than any console exculsive out there.

I know that most sony fans have tried to argue that one is much better than the other, but its all in their heads dude. I have not seen any evidence of graphic superiority. Uncharted 2 set the bar, but it has been surpassed.

again the difference is marginal at best.

Ju2783d ago

Yeah, after a while you start believing that...until you actually put UC2 back into the console.

360 man2783d ago

@ ju.

why dont u take a look at the 360s power

forza 4 baby :)

dragon822783d ago

I own all the major exclusives for both consoles and I must say that the PS3 exclusives do look better than the 360 exclusives by a fair margin. I am sure that the 360 can produce games that look as good but it just hasn't done it yet.

Crysis 2 does look good on both consoles but after playing through the whole campaign it's clear that there are graphical issues that keep it from reaching it's full potential.

As far as Forza 4 goes, yes it looks good so far. I am going to reserve judgement until I see the final project. Same with Battlefield, Rage and Tomb Raider.

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thugbob2783d ago

And then when the PS4 and XBox720 releases Nintendo will be behind yet again assuming that those two consoles are released in 2013.

But if Sony and Microsoft stick to their 10 year console goal then we won't see those until 2015/2016 which would be enough time in my opinion for Nintendo to release another console to coincide with the PS4 and 720 releases.

nnotdead2783d ago

720 by 2014 and PS4 same year or 2015

2783d ago
TKCMuzzer2783d ago

That might be true but Nintendo can't keep releasing twice as many consoles and expect customers to keep buying. Look at the DS and its newer models , now the 3DS. The 3DS is not selling as well because Nintendo have saturized their own market.
Their reluctance to add real horse power to their machines means that people are unlikely to upgrade when the differences are minimal.
Sony have a 10 year cycle but that's for the full life of the machine. All they are saying is they will continue to support the PS3 for those 10 years.

RumbleFish2783d ago

If it is on par with X360 and PS3 it's 5 years late.

iforgotmylogin2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

man i think people need to get battles right

i need there not to be confusion with what is competing with what

Atari and all that pre 85 stuff.

NES - Sega master system

SNES- Genesis

Game boy- game gear

N64- PS1 - Segasaturn

Gamecube - PS2 - Xbox- Dreamcast


WII - Xbox 360 - Ps3


WIIU- XBox *next* - PS4

Wiiu is next gen thus battling with ps4 because your gonna definitely hear ps4 vs wiiu next gen this that.

currently wiiu should have no competition in gen 8 and shouldn't be in direct comparison with ps3 and 360.

thugbob2783d ago

Exactly. WiiU is the start of next gen and it being on par instead of being ahead of last gen is ridiculous, although Nintendo is not known for it's outstanding graphics anyway so it probably doesn't even matter.

news4geeks2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Nintendo used to be known as having some of the best graphics each gen until they released the wii and now they are continuing this tacky gimmick trend with the horrendous wiiu. Nintendo is dead to me.

iforgotmylogin2783d ago

what are you talking o.o

nes got destroyed graphically and in specs but dominated

snes had good graphics but poor specs dominated as well sega couldnt keep up.

n64 had the highest specs that gen good graphics but it got destroyed in sales but had some of the best rated games of all time. this is when 3rd party started having an effect on things.

gc was in second in terms of graphics its mystery x gen to me. 3rd party wasnt there but everything else was. good specs graphics and controller. didnt do to well

wii filled with tremendous 3rd party crapware support. decent 1st party. lowest specs of the gen yet great visuals in some games. Nintendos best generation yet since its snes days.

gimmicks as i now see it change the game and actually differentiate between you and your competitors. gimmicks are the new 3rd party imo. and i cant wait to have a cool wiiu sitting in my room because we have always dreamed of a controller with a screen and now its finally here.

solidboss2783d ago

the wii u is with the ps3 and xbox 360. it is NOT next generation hardware nor software. the controller might seem next gen but everything else is possible on the 360 and ps3. plus its using a 25gb disc ps3 has dual layered blue it can do more than the wii u. once again it is NOT next generation console. everything the wii u can do (gaming wise, not controller wise) can be done on the 360 and ps3. of everything i have seen from the wii u nintendo officially announced pikmin and a new zelda. everything else is on other consoles. sure the new zelda looks nice graphically but its nothing the 360 and ps3 cant do.

iforgotmylogin2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

the wii u isnt with that gen.
its nintendos answer to the next generation it could end up being a repeat with ps4 and 720 over killing it but thats nintendos choice.

25gb proprietary disk for wii games. no game in the industry except maybe 5- 6 games managed to fill up a complete dual layer blueray. How do you know that these new nintendo games wont fill up a 25gb disk? so its useless to make that a fact and any damn way wtf does a damn disk have to do with shit?

you havent seen the full potential of the wii u just some tech demos with awesome effects, all that video was 360/ps3 stuff.

if you are so hung up about graphics ill say somthing stupid to make you happy.

untill the ps3/ps4 can do dx11 graphics and do things my pc cant its still in this gen.
because if you havent seen dx11 work its magic it puts mostly every game to shame
adding textures to 2dflat images thats next gen and lighting effects.

if the ps4 isnt better than a 6 core i7 with 16 gigs of ram and dual graphics cards its last gen and forever will be. no matter what hardware in systems cant keep up with computers because every year the next gen of cpus come out thus they will always be old.

theonlylolking2783d ago

Nintendo has a fantastic art team but better graphics would make there games look even better.

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meetajhu2783d ago

Remember Xbox being 4 times faster than PS2, still PS2 demolished Xbox in high quality games. The same will happen. Though i have all console i support ps3 the most, coz of its value for money and exclusive games. I always facepalm when i see other console owners justifying with their purchase.

iforgotmylogin2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

i think in gen 6 nothing showed that better than resident evil 4.

the best graphically of that generation and it still holds up today.

capcom pulled out some hidden power in my cube

etowntwo2783d ago


Last gen all of Sony's best games came from 3rd party.

And Xbox is the one that showed its superiority in EVERY multiplat and exclusives like Chronicles of Riddick, Splinter Cell; Chaos Theory, Doom 3, Half Life 2 and Halo 1 & 2.

And PS1 was inferior to N64.

Get your facts straight kid

Graphics2783d ago

@etowntwo why you talking if its clear you never played or owned a ps2 or a ps1.

Sony with ps1 and ps2 dominated the competition. With exclusives and 3rd party. All best games came from 3rd party for ps2? So I guess GoW1&2, R&C series, Dark Cloud 1&2, Sly series, Twisted metal, GT3&4, Socom series, jak and daxter series,ico, shadow of the colossus and many more that came from sony studios which were ps2 exclusive must of been 3rd party, right?

You say the best ps2 games came from 3rd party, but then go on and list all 3rd party games as best for 360 except one which is halo... You the one who needs to get their facts strait... ps2 dominated xbox in terms of exclusives, 3rd party exclusives, and over all in better games. Also all those games you listed except one are 1st person shooters.. nice variety you had their on xbox..

death2smoochie2783d ago

If the actual rumor specs are true. The specs that were leaked about the new Wii, then it will be more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox360 easily.
We all have to wait for the specs though.

iamgoatman2783d ago

Despite what a lot of people would like to believe around here, the difference between the 360 and the PS3 are pretty damn small. If one was dramatically more powerful then the difference between multiplat games would be greater than what we see today, in fact up until lately the so called weaker console has outperformed the more powerful console in that area which you just wouldn't see if the difference was a big as some make out, or at least in that frequency.

You may claim that it's taken some developers time to learn the architecture which is true, and can be linked to inferior multiplats a few years ago, but devs now know how the hardware works and some even use it as the lead platform yet the differences remain small.

The only time we see a difference in visuals is when a developer has the opportunity to use the hardware to it's full potential, which requires large developments budgets to produce proprietary game engines which are optimized specifically for the hardware. Developers producing games for various platforms don't have these kinds of resources or the time to tailor specifically to one platform. I'm sure if we had more studios building engines solely for the 360 with say the budget of a game like GT5 or KZ2 then we'd see the same high quality results.

At the end of the day, both consoles output the vast majority of their games in 720p at 30FPS with little to no AA, with one using "cheaper" methods instead.

AKS2783d ago

I'd say the PS3 has a bit more graphical power than the 360, but much of the difference with the graphics in the PS3 exclusives is that Sony has a tremendously talented stable of developers who are required to communicate and share advancements in programming and design. ND and others are among the most talented development teams around, especially with Amy Hennig being a key contributor in creative direction. She's one of the best directors in the business. Just have a look at the list of games she's worked on if you doubt this. She has the Midas touch.

The massive hardware advantage the PS3 has over the 360 is with AUDIO. It's a substantial advantage over the 360 and is still a bit ahead on audio over Wii U (7.1 LPCM vs. 5.1 LPCM from what I've read).

Graphically, the PS3 and 360 are relatively close (hardware, anyway) compared to the massive jump down with the Wii or enormous jump up with PC.

BrianC62342783d ago

Even if it's as powerful as the PS3 and 360 it's too late. Nintendo is bringing out a new console to compete with the PS3 and 360? And not until 2012? It will look bad when the PS4 and whatever Xbox come out.

chriski3332783d ago

thats cool and all but ps3 is 4 years old and the 360 is 6 years old not a good comparison

xCaptainAmazing2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

As said by the Darksiders devs. Who knows by how much, though. It isn't a huge concern to me because Nintendo usually isn't on the forefront with this kind of thing. The only thing that really bothered me about the Wii was that they practically used GC hardware and totally ignored the HD trend, and their core fanbase. They're a bit late if you compare it to this gen, but somebody has to come out first and have the lowest spec machine, so why not Nintendo since they don't care anyways?

The next gen likely isn't going to be the same kind of leap. 1080p will be the new standard, possibly as well as 60fps with some kind of extras thrown in, like mandatory anti-aliasing. It is not worth investing in higher res television screens when they are nowhere to be seen.

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Shok2784d ago

I don't think he means it's equally as strong, I think he's saying that it can do everything the 360 and PS3 can do.

InfiniteJustice2784d ago

So what happens when PS4/ next Xbox are released? Will Nintendo release another console so multiplatform games can still come to a Nintendo console?

KentBlake2783d ago

If it's released 5 years later and has the same power, it's not on par in my book. It's just late.

BlmThug2783d ago

More Than 6 Years Late When It Releases

amilio2783d ago

microsoft said that they have 5 more years with the xbox 360 you know what that means? 5 years with kinect >.< and sony said that the PS3 aint done yet and they started the development process for the PS4 so thats gonna take ah few more years again. buh there will be ppl who wud disagree although the ppl themselves said it.

Orionsangel2783d ago

Yeah that's cute and all, but MS and Sony are going beyond that soon. When they introduce their Next gen systems. As usual always late to the party Nintendo.