Miyamoto: Skyward Sword Probably My last Wii Game

NowGamer: Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't expect that his direct team will work on any more Wii games after The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword is released, but there are more unannounced games incoming for the console...

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WooHooAlex2693d ago

Its official, the Wii will be completely dead by this time next year.

Drekken2693d ago

So much for taking the Ps2's crown. lol

FACTUAL evidence2693d ago

Wow nintendo is doing a MS hard.

The Great Melon2693d ago

I didn't read the title as carefully as I should have and thought that the article was implying that Skyward Sword would be his last game. My heart skipped a beat there. I need to be more careful in the future.

SpOrkyE2693d ago

How many games by Miyamoto Have been released for the wii???

ScubaSteve12693d ago

twilight princess
New super mario brothers
Skyward Sowrd
umm idk

Optical_Matrix2688d ago

Wii Music was one of his as well