THQ Issue Darksiders II Wii U Statement

THQ Inc. has announced that the upcoming sequel to its award-winning Action/Adventure title, Darksiders, is scheduled for release on Nintendo's Wii U in calendar 2012. According to the publisher, the Wii U version of Darksiders II will take advantage of Nintendo's innovative new hardware with implemented functionality for the revolutionary controller.

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ManOnFire2783d ago

The game looked like good fun and it will be interesting to see how they take advatage of the new Wii u controller.

ramon_v2783d ago

Darksiders, really?

It was an alright game and all, but I don't remember it winning any awards.

GunofthePatriots2783d ago

thats what i was thinking.

i personally hated darksiders. copied too many game and lacked originality.

nCiTy2783d ago

I enjoyed Darksiders but I admit that I laughed when I reached a point in the game where you start using Portals xD

ElementX2783d ago

Darksiders was underrated in my opinion. It was very similar to Zelda but it was a good thing. It was challenging and fun.

dkgshiz2783d ago

Darksiders was an okay game. Didn't win any awards though. Just Nintendo excited that they finally get to experience real 3rd party publishers/video game designers.