Sony: Wii U will inspire PS Vita devs to experiment

SCE Worldwide Studios lead Shuhei Yoshida has told Develop that he is interested in Nintendo’s recently announced Wii U, and that it’s likely to inspire developers to carry out experiments for PS Vita.

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sinncross2690d ago

Yeah I think its just a natural jump from the PS3/ PSP remote play to something more tangible like that seen on the Wii U.

But cross platform MP between the PS3 and PSV is what has me most excited!

Active Reload2690d ago

I figured it wasn't Mr. Tretton making such comments, lol.

inveni02690d ago

I think Sony is in a good position to mimic the WiiU. I know the WiiU will most likely be less expensive AND a single unit, but there are already 50 million PS3s in households... So unless the WiiU is cheaper than $300, I'll be buying the Vita if it shows the same capabilities.

MuleKick2690d ago

Does anyone else see Nintendo's trend? All this "revolution" of gaming talk is simply B.S. They took the Eyetoy and evolved it. Now, they're taking the Dreamcast controller and doing the same thing. I'm not knocking their strategy, I'm just pointing out their lack of a revolution.
They're next gen system is now on par with their current gen counterparts.

Saladfax2690d ago


It all depends upon if it works and if it sells. The primary market for the bloody Wii is not the eternal Nintendo worshipers but the new gaming population/casual group of players.

Comparatively to PS3, 360, or even PC, the Wii doesn't have very many of the really top tier games. Yes, there's always the Zeldas/Marios and other rehashings, but especially now they don't have much for multiplat. Check out the top-scoring Wii games on Metacritic, sometime. It's a pretty sparse list.

Now, if Nintendo plans on sticking to a casual, gimmick-based environment, I'd actually suspect that a large number of the new, casual gaming population will be wanting to move on to something with more depth. If they've got it with Wii U, then Nintendo might be able to hang on to a lot of their market. Otherwise, they'll probably take a look at a different system.

XabiDaChosenOne2690d ago

@DrPractical I would actually label it as coping Apple T.V and Ipad

Knghtz2690d ago


Yeah and Playstation copied Nintendo 64 with the analog stick! See what I did there?

It's no secret companies have inspirations from others when creating their products. Stop trolling.

StbI9902690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Yeah, because nintendo was the first into creating a control that use a damn joystick in their enterity?

Time to read pals, joystick were long before any company involved in videogames were at it, so much to try to downgrade one with another eh? what doesn´t tell you sony copied the josticks from an aircraft control? or better yet from a wheelchair´s? Yes nintendo may be first at applying them for gaming, it doesn´t takes much to give pros where it is not needed?.

(No, nintendo didn´t create joysticks in control at all, sry boys)

@Below, lol, you only need one device that count for two xD, if sony down the prize of ps3 to 200? where will any of your bias statements stand with? too old to be discussing anymore lol.

Knghtz2690d ago


That was the point I was trying to make

fr0sty2690d ago

Actually, if you want to go look at the pre-move videos from 2004 where Sony was experimenting with balls on the top of wooden sticks as a controller, you'll see they even copied Sony on that one as well with Wiimote.

That said, Sony did blatantly copy analog control (analog does not = joystick, joysticks had digital control in consoles until the n64), such is the videogame business.

RedDragan2690d ago


Atari was well before Nintendo on this idea! And guess what, Atari was not the first to do it!! It was in the aviation industry since the 1960's. BOOYAA!

Why don't you try a little research before embarressing yourself?

MuleKick2690d ago

Just a little history lesson.
You do realize that the PSOne came out 2 years before the N64 right? I mean, do some research.

Look, I love games and I'm sure my son will talk me into getting the Wii U. To be honest, it looks like it could be fun. I praise Nintendo for what their doing. Great ideas will work with support and marketing. Their making little niche ideas mainstream. That just means that there will be more choices for gamers. We all win.

Now only if MS could find a way to implement the Kinect into their AAA line up. I'll be a happy gamer. (I saw E3. I know what they said. I just want to see it work.)

Knghtz2690d ago


yes but the dual shock didnt come out until after the n64. The ps1 controller looked like this:

RedDragan2689d ago

Knightz... Ninty did not invent the analog stick. In gaming terms it was first out on the Atari consoles, a decade or more before the N64.

Knghtz2689d ago

Ugh... That's not the point I'm making!

RedDragan2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Whatever point you are trying to make about copying is invalid. There is absolutely no point in saying Sony copied Ninty, when Ninty copied Atari. Credit should go to the first, not the one many lines down the history.

Knghtz2689d ago

Actually it is valid. The point I was making was that everyone comes up with ideas from inspirations they see elsewhere.

Reading comprehension please...

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VampiricDragon2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Personally the wii u is the better deal because you only need 1 device to do it. And right now the vita cant be used with dual gameplay. But on the other hand the U cant really be travelled with. So each does different things with a similar concept.

The multiplat for the ngp and ps3 is the worst feature. Because it seriously limits the ngp library to nothing more than a ps3 after thought.

Take dragon crown for example. That was the most exciting game they showed in the vita vignette. But it came out it will also be on the ps3. So theres no way I am buying it on the vita over the ps3.

Thats a huge potential problem, where the system isnt getting third party exclusives but just ports of ps3 games. Sony said this also could be a huge problem

fei-hung2690d ago

and on the flipside, it could also mean the PSV will get more games; its own exclusive games and ps3 ports! it can be argued either way and looking at Sony's history, there will be tons of exclusives for the platform. If you look at the announcement again, you will notice oroginal Uncharted game and Wipeout for it and Biochock CEO mentioned he will also be making a game for it.

As for a better deal, although you can compare them (since anything can be compared), the 2 things are totally different. One is a portable gaming device whilst the other is a controller.

the major difference in the 2 is if one is able to justify the cost of the product next to its functionality.

i.e portable gaming device with several social networking futures and applications for $250 against touch screen controller with additional gameplay functions for probably around $90-100 unless they sell it for a loss (cost based on traditional controllers costing around £30 and they have no touch screen, camera, microphone, speakers, a sensor strip and an inbuilt stylus.

NewMonday2690d ago

Giving us an option is a bad thing?
If you buy it for the PSV Sony and developers make money, if you buy it for the PS3 Sony and developers make money.

You also have to factor that in Japan they mostly play handhelds, and in the west consoles, so for Japanese developers especially the market is fragmented, the PSV PS3 cross development plan solves the biggest problem for them, it will be easier now to make games for all markets with one development budget.

This game is a big example. The PSV will open the doors for many niche Japanese games; it will be like the PS2 days I hope. And think there will be many more games at the next TGS

LocO_o2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Wait how do you know that we can travel and play game on the Wii U tablet?

For all we know the Wii U tablet could be used as a hand held - 2 devices in one.

Ju2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Everything - and I really mean everything - what Nintendo showed for the WiiU can be done with a PS3/Vita combo.

This includes the sharing of screens, pushing an additional screen to the Vita (e.g. inventory, etc), and so on. Location/Motion sensors on the Vita can do the exact same thing what Nintendo showed with its controller.

I agree with Sony. Devs can use the PS3/Vita combo now to experiment with those concepts. I can even see a lot of games coming out for both, PS3/Vita and WiiU. It is quite an interesting proposition for 3rd party devs - unless Nintendo forces them to only support their system. But, when WiiU releases, I guess the Vita install base should be significant already. Releasing on both can minimize the risk for a dev. They can support the WiiU (with no install base at lauch) and yet make revenue from PS3/Vita sales. Win-Win for everybody. Nintendo gets new exclusive content which is hard to justify without install base, devs can prototype in advance, well, yeah, and Sony will sell a couple of Vitas/PS3s. LOL.

XabiDaChosenOne2690d ago

@VampiricDragon Uh..You do know samething is happening with the 3DS right? Starfox, Legend of Zelda Ocrania of time, Smash bros. All of these console ports and the other ones are console ports our slight revisions of console games.

Just_The_Truth2690d ago

1.Vita can stream like the psp and already shows with wipeout you can play against ps3 players. 2. Games exclusive to the ngp will most likely come on card and be downloadable but the cross ps3 titles probably be downloadable only meaning only one buy either way. Dragon crown is a psn title so just like the psp all you have to do is copy and paste it to the vita and games that do come on blu-ray will i think come with a digital copy.

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macky3012690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

yes except it does not come out of the box,.. so if it is not standardized,.. most developers will not bother,..

I think most of them will not bother with wiiu controller (advanced screen functions 'dreamcast') either,.. outside regular use of buttons and streaming of image
Because third party games are ,.. well more or less the same,..

Nintendo and maybe big EA (in sports games) might really do some cool shit with wiiu controller though,..

nnotdead2690d ago

if Sony can show they can do it fairly easy with the Vita and PS3, then maybe devs would want to put it in because they are already doing something similar with the WiiU. the fact that both Sony and WiiU can do these interesting things may help each other out. instead of what may have been thought as a waste of time/money to make something so specific for one console will now be worth it, because you have 2 of the 3 systems able to take advantage of the said interesting features.

StanSmith2690d ago

Personally i think this is great for devs. If Sony jump on board with what Nintendo are doing, then it is going to allow Devs to create multiplatform games easily for both platforms.

I keep seeing people saying Sony are going to 1-up Nintendo etc. The one thing i don't think others have thought about is that in reality, if Sony jump on board with Nintendo's new ideas, this will make Kinect and the 360 irrelevant. MS will be forced to update the 360 and Kinect while Nintendo & Sony coast along without having to upgrade the hardware for at least another 5 years.

Sano642690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Well that didn't take long for them to copy Nintendo again. "Uh yeah.. we were working on that already..." (not a real quote)
This is the reason Nintendo is keeping their lips shut about the details. They don't want the competition to copy everything they do.

joeorc2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

that is the same [email protected] claim when the Move came out.

ok just for you.

there was a picture of Sony's design along the same lines with the Wiimote...

an your going at it again i see well here is a lil thought for you , How else do you make a freaking remote?

Sony had the patent for their Move back in 2005 it's a Wand! the Wiimote is designed like a TV remote.

they were developing their IDEA's along the same lines, it happens one company just so happens to get it out first.

this is the very same thing.

Sony has been doing Remote play on the PSP with the PS3 for quite a while, as with Xperia line an other's could already do remote play not just on the PS3 but the PC also.

Nintendo does not invent everything when it comes to gaming.


Many times the companies are working on the exact same idea one just releases first.

This time Sony will release first that's all.

Sano642690d ago

Did you read the title of the article???
"Wii U will inspire PS Vita devs to experiment"
That means that Nintendo is giving them ideas that they did not already have. You need to brush up on your reading comprehension.

Just_The_Truth2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

lol joeorc owned you dude. The facts are it's already been done. I can see you don't do much research before you comment so i'm glad joeorc took his time to educate you. Just because more devs will be inspired to do it doesn't mean they weren't already able to do it and thinking about it.

Falaut2690d ago

you sir are fantasticle

Valk2690d ago

Consoles connecting to portables was done on the Gamecube kids.

Also there is no proof that Sony had Mvoe first. The Wii remote was shown in 2005 kiddies.

Also changing the design slightly is hardly making a completely different controller.

Wait. What Nitnendo is doing is completely different and original, because they are using a controller to do all this and Sony was using a portable console. Since a wand and a remote that look so much alike but are called differnt things makes it okay to steal.

LOL love how some fasnboy is talkinga bout someone getting "owned" when they didnt post any facts and nothing to back up their claims.

Wii remote started in 2001.

Move started after E3 2005 after the Wii remote was shown.

a_bro2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

really bro?? Do we really have to talk about that again?

AtomicGerbil2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )


An early version of Move was tech demoed in 2001

nnotdead2690d ago

Sano and Valk are looking foolish. both Nintendo and Sony have had portables connect to consoles, and as soon as i(sure with most others) saw the WiiU i thought of the PS3 and Vita. it has also been proven long before that Sony was working on motion controls before the Wii. Nintendo still should get a lot of credit for taking the risk of basing an entire system around the idea.

like i said above, having 2 of the 3 systems able to do the same is good for them. could give devs more of a reason to add the interesting gameplay ideas to their games.

AtomicGerbil2690d ago


While the WiiU controller may speed up the use of Vita in a similar way, it's by no means a new idea. Didn't Dreamcast do something close?

As soon as PSP was announced to work remotely with PS3, speculation was rife with ideas about what this could mean, I remember many people voicing the idea that PSP could be used as a map for open world games or a rear view mirror for Gran Turismo. There was even rumours that it might have been used as a controller. So yeah, Sony really copied Nintendo didn't they?

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fatstarr2690d ago

Blah generation 7 all over again

SilentNegotiator2690d ago

It's not even a multitouch screen on the WiiU, it's single-touch.

Pretty limited opportunity for inspiration. Maybe if Vita were from the 90s and also had a single-touch like the WiiU...

TardcoreGamer2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

The idea of a PS3/PSV being utilized like the WiiU simply is a step in towards the next gen of gaming.

My questions regarding a PS3/PSV WiiU style games are as follows.

*the ease and cost of developing: Would it be fairly easy to develop/port WiiU 3rd party games to a PS3/PSV combo setup? Or is it too complicated?

*Marketing: Will this be easy to pull off because of the already 50mil PS3 install base? Or will this cause customer confusion at retail?(add-ons historically usually fail) Would a consumer pay $499 for a PS3+Vita combo or would they buy a WiiU?

*Replacing the dual shock controller for games: Would you feel comfortable using the PSV as a replacement for your DS3 for games that could use a touchscreen interface?

*Could it actually 1up the WiiU? Beings That the PSV has a Quad Core processor onboard. Could a Combo PS3/V relieve some of the PS3's work load thus improving the system's visuals even more?! THINK ABOUT THAT! Would/Could that be even possible?!

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beast242tru2690d ago

actually this combination will destroy the wii u IMO i really think nintendo is f*cking themselves in alot of ways including the price of a hd wii when hd has been around soo long and only can use one of the new controllers per console and its not even a hd screen on the controller come on nintendo WTF

VampiricDragon2690d ago

you dont know the price, you dont know its one controller per console, you dont know what the screen can do.

You dont know anything

majiebeast2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Sony is gonna 1up Nintendo at tgs just completely pull the rug from under them by showing off ps3 games running on the Vita like Sly 4 and others.

pcz2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

there isnt a big enough market. not every ps3 owner will have a vita. and vise versa. so the market isnt there. every wiiu owner will have a wiiu controller. obviously.

some people are so fooking stupid, seriously!

Ju2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

If that thing costs $400 (which I'd expect), not every Wii user will have WiiU either. Install base will be significantly lower for WiiU than Vita in a year from now. So what's the point? In fact, if Sony drops the PS3 to $199 (if!) - and the Vita to $199 (a year after launch) it a PS3/Vita combo will cost exactly the same.

Sony could even be so bold and remove the DS3 from the PS3 package and bundle a Vita with it (given they will offer a bluetooth pairing for the Vita and use it as a DS3-1/2 controller).

pcz2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

if you have a wiiu, everything you need to have console and quasi-handheld gaming comes right out of the box.

if you have a vita, you need to spend another £2-300 on a ps3. if you have a ps3 you need to spend another £2-300 for a vita. so it wont work realistically for devs to start adding cross platform support to all vita/ps3 games. the market just wont be there for it!

nobody in their right mind will buy a vita or ps3 just so they can play their handheld games on tv or their tv games handheld. you would have to have more money than sense to spend that amount of money for that little feature.

sony wont bundle vita with ps3, do you know how dumb an idea that is? they are both consoles. its like bundling a 3ds with a wii... it wont happen! the wiiu controller isnt a console, its a controller.

you are just trying to make vita into something its not. vita wasnt designed to be a controller for ps3, or exclusively to interface with the ps3. those are things it can do, and that feature is limited to support by devs.

wiiu controller was purpose built with the sole purpose of interfacing with wiiu! its what its entire existence is for! nothing else.

fatstarr2690d ago

people think vita is gonna sell like hotcakes and break 48million -_-...

Ju2690d ago

Like WiiU will do day one, right? Man, you still need to buy a new console. Or will they have infinite install base just because it's Nintendo?

And well, mark my words, Vita will dwarf 3DS sales...

joeorc2690d ago

"there isnt a big enough market. not every ps3 owner will have a vita. and vise versa. so the market isnt there. every wiiu owner will have a wiiu controller. obviously. "

you an many others it seems are missing the very big picture.

an it's not just the PSVita that can do something like this.

let me introduce to you the concept of the

"Playstation Suit"

that little platform with in a platform


Discussing Second Wave itself, Hilton said that the title would eventually be available for cross-platform play over Xbox 360 and other consoles.

"Second Wave is currently exclusive to the Xperia Play," he explained. "It launched first on Xperia Play it will roll out for Xbox and other platforms later and they've gone to development and said actually it's multiplayer, multiplatform so you can be in the same game playing over wi-fi on the Xperia Play playing with your friend at home on their Xbox, so very clever stuff.

"But that's what that developer has done because they thought the Xperia Play is a very important product in terms of driving mobile gaming so yeah, and there's other examples of developers doing special things like that for Xperia Play. They see Android as a big shout and they see Xperia Play, rightly, as the leading device to drive Android mobile gaming."


this is nothing out of the ordinary

the idea the game console acting as the Hub to stream or crossplatform play with a handheld is something the entire smartphone market an smart tablet market has been already looking into.

another example:

Dungeon Defenders Shows True Cross-Platform Play
Developer of the smash hit, Unreal-powered iOS/Android game to demo and discuss in panel PS3, PC, Android & iOS cross-platform play at GDC 2011.
March 2, 2011

this is not the realm of only Nintendo, they are not the only one going to be doing this Imean look at what Microsoft is doing with Windows Phone an Xboxlive having integration with once again direct connection to the Xbox360.

the xbox360 will act as a hub.

dragonyght2690d ago

@pcz lol your argument is pretty flaw lol i mean the average game sell mil+ some maybe less and a AAA tittle will do 3-5 mil+ out 50mil + user-base

even if the PSVita about 4 or 5 mil units the potential market is there. and the Vita will do 10x,20x maybe 50x more than that its just silly to think otherwise

Falaut2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

...but if WiiU controllers are not sold separately then you get 1? per console. Because I guarantee you that if it has more than one of these controllers in the box, this thing ain't gonna be cheap.

edit:wow I just read the rest of your comments...and YOU'RE calling people stupid? wowzerz.

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zoks3102690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Touchscreen controls don't interest me one bit, transferring announced by Konami sounds like a better idea.
I really don't want to use my Vita as a PS3 controller, that seems to just complicate the link between you the controller and 2 separate screens, nor do i want to use a rectangular shaped controller to play FSP or any game that i will play for 4-6 hours straight.
Although Nintendo's new system seem bizarre, i wish them the best of luck with it.

Ju2690d ago

Why not? Seen the ModNation Racer track creator? It could basically add a touch interface for the console version. How cool is that? Playing is a different story. Since this is beyond just app sharing, it is quite awesome. All they need to do is some sort of advanced syncing feature - e.g. editor on the Vita, but with live update in the PS3 version. Than take the DS3 and race there when you are done (or on the Vita). You can save to the cloud already and load that track in the PS3 version (they share content). The only thing missing here is, that you have to manually press save/load. This could simply be linked when the PS3 version is in edit mode.

Well, I must give credit to Nintendo, though. They have ignited a spark here. Sadly for them, not just for their own good...

pain777pas2690d ago

Ju is right there is definitely a place for touch cotrols in CONJUNCTION with dual analog and the rest. Little Big Planet Vita could end up one of the highest rated games of all time. Modnation will probably be the best version of the game. I can see many games that will work best on the Vita. The power and versatility are there.

Falaut2690d ago

I really think there is something big coming down the pipeline for Sony in regards to this whole thing of 'play at home...then take the same game on the go' idea. Wonder why Hideo is so tight lipped about this? ;)