Nintendo Blasts Into The Financial Stratosphere , Xbox 360 hangs on, PS3 falls hard....

Wondered how much the 3 big names in the console war loose out on finance or manage to record major profits?

This story will not come as a suprise but the facts and figures are quite amazing

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power of Green 5627d ago

Fake: (11 minutes ago)
If ps3 falls hard in NA then what does the x360 do in EU and JAPAN. i dont know whether tha ADMINS are sleeping . N4G is becoming worse with time
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Lame: (11 minutes ago)
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Spam: (12 minutes ago)
TOTAL FLAMEBAIT and misleading ps3 beats x360 in Japan and EU so who falls??? It is too early to predict something about the wii
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games4fun5627d ago

Nintendo as a company beats two game systems lol
sony, microsoft,and nintendo all posted profits by any standard they are all doing well

5627d ago
nasim5627d ago Show
ReBurn5627d ago

Ok shmee, I reported your post as SPAM, just like you wanted.

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socomnick5627d ago

Why is it that no one gets banned around here god daam start enforcing the daam rules and bann these annoying fanboy children.

Bloodmask5627d ago (Edited 5627d ago )

Nintendo is doing exceptionally well, same goes for Microsoft(finally in the black). With Sony, it is obvious they are having problems with their PS3 gaming division with 2 price drops for PS3 within a year.

And as far as Shmee/Nasim is concerned he should have his IP banned from this site. He is abusing the reports system constantly...

Mu5afir5627d ago

Do you have any dam clue as to how many times the 360 dropped its price? Yeah, I didn't think so. The gaming department made a profit of after after the looses. They are still selling Ps3s at a loss, unlike Xbox360 / Wiis. Oh, and remember M$ put the 1.3 billion dollar repair / recall for RROD in their last physical years estimates.

So, in essence, Microsoft still hasn't made a dime. It just showed a "marginal" profit gain, from moving propitiatory spending to a different quarter.

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ruibing5627d ago

If Microsoft has more money profit, I hope they invest some into their damn OS. I can't believe the much needed SP1 goes into Q1 2008...

Anyways, I think its deceptive for the title to say Nintendo the company and then list two console systems. Nintendo is doing very well, Microsoft has its damn monopoly on software (at least until Apple makes its OSX completely functional on other computers), and Sony posted a profit despite corporate restructuring costs and loss in their gaming division. All is well in the world of games for now.

travelguy2k5627d ago

how many price drops have there been for HD-DVD? Kinda unrelated.

As far as i'm concerned there was only really 1 price drop, the new skus have new prices, the old skus got dropped prices.

kinda the same with the 360

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Xemnas5627d ago

Admins are playing Ratchet & Clank.

AllroundGamer5627d ago

ROFL but the admins give it a 7.5/10, cause a lot of action is happening in the game ;) Gamespot suxx

PimpHandHappy5627d ago

all next-gen systems lose money at the start! look it up. Xbox did, 360 has, PS3 is, PS2 did, PS1 did. They only time you make money from the start is when u dont make the effort to make a next-gen machine...Wii..for example

still a much smaller lose then what MS had done year in and year out since the launch of the xbox.

and since when do we trust CORP AMERICA 2 not cook the books. I wouldnt put it past em.

PS3 ppl shouldnt even comment on this thread. They should let the 360fanboys have the room to themselfs so they can have a nice little cirlde jerk.

If ppl did this we wouldnt get the flaimbait titles and the silly aruguments over something like this.

texism5627d ago

So are you saying that the Gamecube wasn't next gen for it's time? Because the Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2, yet Nintendo still sold Gamecubes at a profit right from the start.

Face it, Nintendo is smarter than your favorite game company and you're just being stupid.

P1MPDADDY5627d ago (Edited 5627d ago )

"PS3 ppl shouldnt even comment on this thread. They should let the 360fanboys have the room to themselfs so they can have a nice little cirlde jerk"

Go ahead and gather your Playstation Polesmokers, boycott this forum, boycott this site, boycott the 360, boycott the Wii, it's all a big conspiracy huh?

Heaven forbid there was an ounce of fact in this article right? Bottom line is the PS3 is bleeding Sony dry. Nothing you can say will refute that fact. Bottom line is both the Wii and 360 each have over 7 million more consoles sold worldwide and that lead grows by the day. Bottom line is both Wii and 360 owners buy games. Go to this website and be educated.

The sales numbers dont lie. Even the past 2 weeks when the PS3 beat the 360 in Japan and EU they still lost ground to the 360 due to US sales. Instead of wasting your time in here asking PS3 fanboys to boycott articles or gang up on users and take away thier bubbles, perhaps that energy would be better spent on getting out from your moms basement and out into the real world and getting people to buy PS3 and PS3 games. Think about that.

I only need 1 bubble to stop your FUD and spread the truth!!!!!

Rooftrellen5627d ago

I think it would be better if we organized people with good sense and decent writing skills together to take all the bubbles from the blind fanboys that only spew hate and propaganda.

I may not counter all of the Sony fanboys, which I have seen you stand up to and lose your bubbles (I lost one, myself, quoting an article calling the 65nm Cell obsolete), but, from me, you get bubbles!

Thank you for knowing what the heck you're talking about and not saying things one of the companies said months ago.

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