Almost inFamous: Why are videogame superheroes not that memorable? (BeefJack)

BeefJack: "Videogames are better than ever at bringing this to life, letting you be Batman, Superman, Spiderman to a degree of visual fidelity that’d have Siegel and Shuster struck dumb by this point. (If they were still alive, that is.) Still, one question: why is it, given all the developers who’ve had a go at the genre, none of them have ever given us a really distinctive superhero of their own? With all those original creations, or even all the hundreds of thousands of fans fiddling with City of Heroes’ character builder, how come none of them have ever taken off the way the DC and Marvel legends did?"

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wallis2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

We already have superheroes. From masterchief to bulletstorm to singularity, the bulk of games have you play as some sort of heightened or super powerd human. And if you consider that batman is a super hero without super powers then we can factor in Lara Croft, Duke Nukem, Serious Sam, Gordon Freeman and so on.

Prototype and Infamous only seem like superheroes because their gameplay apes the gameplay of the standard super hero game, (spider man series mainly). The devs pretty much sought to make an original super hero, but frankly videogame culture already has superheroes. In fact the bulk of video games have you play has some sort of special individual because it more easily explains the player's natural ability to excel in the virtual world, where issues like stamina, pain, mortal injuries, reflex speeds, trauma, shellshock and so on just don't carry the weight they do in real life.

Freeman has his HEV suit, and masterchief was genetically engineered from birth. Pretty damned superhero to me.

Malice-Flare2691d ago

but he seems to be going for DC-type heroes where they really stand for an ideal versus the Marvel type heroes who are just people with problems + powers...

Cole is more of a Marvel type hero/villain...

Hicken2691d ago

Agreed. Not all heroes/villains STAND for anything in particular. What does Wolverine stand for? We don't really know; it'd take a couple of minutes to pin it down. But we love him, nontheless.

Cole is, if anything, like Spider-Man: a regular guy who got his powers by accident and wound up doing something with them. But whereas Spidey generally CHOOSES to stick his nose into other people's businesses, Cole HAS to, one way or another, in order to get himself out of the situation he was forced into.

nickjkl2690d ago

because they get one game

while comics apparently go on forf 10s of years