Far Cry 3 E3 Interview | GRTV

GR-UK: "GRTV caught up with Far Cry 3's narrative director Jason Vandenberghe to grill him on what we should expect to see in Ubisoft's FPS sequel."

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Saryk2689d ago

Loved the first one, liked the second. The only thing was missing in Far Cry 2, was the supernatural ambiance. I hope #3 is as good as the other 2.

dirthurts2689d ago

Actually the first Far Cry was a pc exclusive with no super powers at all. Far Cry Instincts was a remake of sorts from a different developer that added the abilities, new character voice overs, and used chunks of the massive world the pc game had.
So Far Cry 2 was pretty close to the original in terms of gameplay style.
I really did enjoy Instincts however, despite being a different developer.

Saryk2689d ago

I am a PC only, don't play consoles.