Mass Effect 3 delay will "pay dividends" for fans - BioWare

BioWare's Dr Ray Muzyka has spoken out about Mass Effect 3's delayed release, saying that the time between now and 6th March 2012 will be "put to good use".

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dirigiblebill2742d ago

I'd rather they took their time with it.

EA seems to "get" that certain franchises need longer in the oven. Wish Activision and Ubisoft had the same attitude to CoD and AC.

krazykombatant2742d ago

PSSSSSSSH i couldn't careless what you say. Thus far i'm not impressed with anything about me3. I can see how they're forcing people to go with something other than soldier by making all the weapons available. But that isn't the point. Thus far there isn't that much RPG richness...

Seems to me its gonna be WAAAYYY more simple for the derp minded people. Ohhh you can "customize" your ship... but only just this thingy. Oh you can customize your armour but only a couple of pieces and you have to go into your room to change.

Oh you guys hate elevators... thats ok now you can stare to 3423423564390583245 loading screens everytime you walk into a new room.

I'm gonna get this just to finish my trilogy.

But as it stands at the moment BioWare is going down the shitter thanks a lot EA.