Bioware speak out on Controllers vs. Kinect

OXMUK grilled Bioware's Ray Musyka about the inclusion of Kinect in Mass Effect 3, and how this will affect players who just want to use the traditional controller.

Hit the link to see his immediate reaction.

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Software_Lover2784d ago

I mean its the same thing with Move. Optional. Not everyone has Kinect. Not everyone has Move. Not everyone wants kinect, not everyone wants move. They are just different types of inputs.

duplissi2784d ago

that would be true, but with mass effect 3 all kinect is a 150 dollar microphone... i mean seriously i cant just use the mic that came with my system to do voice commands!?

really now i cant believe that microsoft wants people to think that this is thanks to the magic of kinect that you can command the game by voice... what was endwar?, socom?....

really fcking pathetic if you ask me.

dont get me wrong i think its cool but no way in hell am i gonna buy kinect just for that...

JellyJelly2784d ago

"seriously i cant just use the mic that came with my system to do voice commands!?"

Spot on.

gamingdroid2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

On Spike believed during one of the interviews, there was talk of integrating Kinect more than what shown including navigation.

So there might be more!

Also, with Kinect I don't have to use a headset....

dkp232784d ago

I hope you understand that people wouldnt be buying kinect just for a microphone and understand that kinect is utilized with other functions.

I think it is safe to say that people are not going to buy kinect mindlessly for voice commanding ME3..It is for the people that already have kinect for other things and being able to voice command is just an added bonus..

To say kinect is just a $150 microphone is pretty fanboyish when you can use kinect for other games and for other purposes....

duplissi2784d ago

true it would indeed be stupid to just buy kinect for voice commands in me3, but still why make it so that you need kinect? i have no intentions of buying it at all... to me this seems like a poor attempt at "look it does core games too!"... and to be honest almost all of the ways kinect is used in core games just seems like they are trying too hard..

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LocO_o2784d ago

So what about the people who already have Kinect - isnt this a good for them.

GameOn2784d ago

Yeah, I couldn't get End War to recognise the word "one" no matter how clear I spoke. I have never tried kinect speech rec to compare tho.

gamingdroid2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


"Kinect deciphers words and phrases with a powerful multi-array microphone, that leads to almost 100% precision. People got so frustrated at EndWar and Socom not responding to their commands, this will just make that technology aspect more precise. "

At the time, EndWar speech recognition was the best out there for gaming and it wasn't perfect. However, it was leaps above what WAS out there. Kinect is leaps above that again.


"Yeah, I couldn't get End War to recognise the word "one" no matter how clear I spoke. I have never tried kinect speech rec to compare tho. "

My experience with Kinect is that it is near flawless recognition. My only complaint is if there is lots of background noise, it still has some issues obviously, but if Kinect can hear you and the noise comes from the Xbox (i.e movies) it seems to work fine.

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Beastradamus2784d ago

More hard hitting gaming journalism at it's finest. Like I've said before. It's a 12 year old girl giving a "hard-hitting" interview to Justin Beiber.

LilDeja932784d ago

Controllers will go on for years.

Motion sensor controller such as the Kinect and Move are just a nice alternative.

If motion controllers take over gaming, Nintendo will lead the way.

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Jellzy2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Other than using voice commands does Mass Effect use any other Kinect Features?

If not then why not just let users with headsets on the 360, PS3 and PC use this feature?

I'm writing a blog piece on each of the big 3's E3 presentations and I want too make sure I've got this right.



If you're going to disagree then at least state why. Better yet, reply with a comment worthy of reading and I'll happily engage in conversation.

THWIP712784d ago (Edited 2784d ago ) couldn't necessarily do the same thing, with just a headset. Without the Kinect dev kit and software, Bioware would have had to write the VR software themselves, from scratch. You know, that stuff doesn't just happen magically, right?

Even though games like Mechwarrior and Rainbow Six have had voice commands in the past, those were design decisions by those devs, and they did all the coding to make it happen. In BioWare's case, they're utilizing MS's licensed software and hardware to incorporate into their game. I seriously doubt they'd have ever thought about, or bothered with the idea of using headsets and VR tech, had Kinect not been available, because it's been so long since anyone in the industry has used VR in a game, successfully. When it was an option in R6V, I used it...and it didn't work very well. And that was just with very simple, 1-3 word commands. Even DragonSpeak (PC VR software that "eliminate typing"), which has been around for over a decade, still doesn't work right. No dev , who hasn't done VR in a game before, is going to take a chance on it, with out a very good reason. Kinect is that reason, for BioWare. But in licensing Kinect, they can't just say "well, if you don't have Kinect, just use your headset". if you use this in your blog, I expect a reference. ;)

Veni Vidi Vici2784d ago

The hardware in Kinect isn't what allows Bioware to implement VR. That's strictly software development. You can put that coding on any platform with a processor that can handle it. Kinect isn't some piece of incredibly powerful hardware that allows for great VR. If Bioware wanted to implement VR in PC or PS3, they could. MS doesn't hold the patent for the best VR. It may be good, but there are other options out there that are just as good, if not better.

I will agree that the main reason Bioware is doing this is strictly because of Kinect but that's probably because MS is paying them extra to implement it and that's the exact reason it isn't going to be available for the other platforms. MS wants the VR controls to be a Kinect exclusive.

Jellzy2784d ago

Thanks for the lengthy explanation.

Whilst it's true that the Voice commands in R6V didn't work very well, Ubisoft vastly improved the technology in End War.

I have never used DragonSpeak so won't comment on it, but what makes the microphone in Kinect so special?

If the microphone in Kinect is just a bog standard mic then why would the functionality of voice recognition be part of Kinect's Devkit but not the 360's Devkit?

Bare in mind that all the processing work for Kinect is done by the console itself meaning it is using the mic and doing all the hard work.

So again I ask, why not gives us the same functionality using a headset?

sorry if this doesn't make sense.

p.s. Hopefully when I get my E3 impressions up I'll give you a mention! :)


ArmrdChaos2784d ago

I would imagine that they made use of the Kinect SDK to make a lot of the voice functionality happen. It was probably easier and more cost effective to do it that way than to try and create their own code. Otherwise they could have applied the feature across all platforms. Not your disagree btw.

THWIP712784d ago could have just agreed with my post. ;)

ArmrdChaos2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I finished mine right as you posted yours...but I was nice enough click agree. =)

Jellzy2784d ago

Read my comment in reply to THWIP71 and also Veni Vedi Vici's reply.

Cheers for the reply.

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