Final Fantasy XIII-2 Is More Player Driven

Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase has told SPOnG that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will focus a lot more on player choice and involvement than its predecessor. He says "So before we started making Final Fantasy XIII-2, we were determined to take all the negative comments seriously, and rectify every single one of them, thoroughly and completely.

"This game is more player driven rather than story driven, so that the player will have an active involvement in each phase of the game. There are a lot more things in the field that you can explore, like towns… and you can also choose what you want to say and do during various scenes. It will give players more freedom."

Drekken4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

So does this mean it isnt a linear piece of crap like part 1? Oh, really... who cares. I wont be buying anymore of this SE crap.

@aace - maybe. But real time combat is more my style.

AAACE54794d ago

Liar! You will buy FFXIII Versus!

iamtehpwn4794d ago

"There are a lot more things in the field that you can explore, like towns… and you can also choose what you want to say and do during various scenes. It will give players more freedom."

...Woah. I'm surprised. It would seem they actually took what we said to heart. We can't say for sure until we get our hands on the game.

4794d ago
ITA_Mafia_Boy4794d ago

For once I did not listen to the reviews and I bought FF XIII for the graphics ... what a mistake. Enough of playing JRPG on rail !! FF titles are in my "no buy list" until something really ground breaking comes out.

Capt-FuzzyPants4794d ago

It actually got pretty good reviews. Mostly 7's 8's 9's and some tens which by the way are not bad.

Deadman_Senji4794d ago

I'm not disliking what I see.

Infernostew4794d ago

I really don't mind if a game is linear or not as long as we get nice open areas, a world map and a great story. Trying to make it western with player choices sounds to me like their story could lack a central focus. SE needs to quit this BS and just hire professional writers to flesh out the story and dialog. Their last few RPGs and tri-ace as well have been incredibly cheesy and their main storylines have lacked focus, suspense and any type of climax. This is fiction 101 here. I actually want to Give a shit about what happens to the characters and their adventure. Not just like, where Do i go next or what boss do I fight now type of game. RPGs should revolve around a central story first and then work out the characters and other designs.

I really hope they make necessary improvements for 13-2 but I have a feeling that it's going to be more of the same with a few tweaks here and there.

Anderson84794d ago

i dont think it cant have lots of huge open areas and still be linear.. its one or the other

i agree with you on the writing part though.. i didnt care about any of the characters in ffxiii but even if they fix all the old problems i wont be buying the game, versus is the next installment i'll be getting

Infernostew4794d ago

I meant linear as in gameplay style like that there's only 1 path that you can play the game.

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The game has been revisited by many different Final Fantasy fans since then, and some, like myself, have come to love it again. Almost all staple entries in the series have found their way to modern consoles, so it's about time that the FF13 trilogy gets a remaster

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shinoff2183418d ago

I've been thinking about this. I agree. While I really disliked it at first I never played it again. After hating ff15 so damn much I just think it can't be worse then 15 and if I'm not mistaken atleast it's turn based. I need more of that in my life.

nitus10418d ago

I actually finished FFXIII and on the second playthrough found I actually liked the game.

Actually I have liked most of the FF games (I have not played FFIX unfortunately) and I do agree with you with regards to FFXV. Graphically IMHO FFXV is excelent but for some reason I just could not get enthusiastic in playing it.

As for "turn-based", I prefer active and real time although to be fair "turn-based" is a real plus especially when confronting a difficult protagonist. I found this to be especially the case when playing FFXXII where you could switch rapidly between "turn" and "active" although having a resonable knowledge of simple Boolean Algebra is IMHO essential when playing this game.

418d ago
Levii_92418d ago

Ridiculous comment, first of all i think you should replay 15, second of all that game is 10 times better than the XIII games especially the royal edition. And third .. turn based combat is a dying (almost dead) style of gameplay and i personally wont miss it at all so don’t act like that is some sort of big plus because XIII has it.. it is not.

jambola418d ago

Somebody needs to learn about subjective taste

shinoff2183418d ago


Sucked imo. I don't need to give it another try. Last time was the 3rd time and I had 34 hours into it. It just wasn't good imo

Chriswynnetbh418d ago

How is turn based dying or almost dead? Pokémon is one of the biggest RPGs in the world and is and has always been turn based. To some it is a plus especially when it comes to FF since the first 10 of them all are and are arguably better games than any FF to come after