Bioware hint at Mass Effect MMO

When directly questioned about the possibility of a Mass Effect MMO, Bioware's Ray Musyka commented that Mass Effect 3 was "the beginning of a galactic war."

Needless teasing, or a massive hint? Check out the full interview segment and decide for yourself.

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Wizziokid2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I would actually love to see that, no doubt they will wait to see how SW:TOR does before they plan another MMO though.

Bioware haven't let me down yet with the games I like,
If TOR does well it is likely but wont be for a while.

Persistantthug2779d ago

I mean, on the surface, doing a Star Wars MMORPG sounds cool, but then you gotta figure not only the cost, but then, you have to think about the proceeds you have to split with LUCAS ARTS.

And then when all is said and done, you can't really own the IP.

Bioware, made this deal before EA's takeover, so EA kinda had no choice, but I can imagine them not really wanting to do this if they had the chance to do it all over again.

On a business side, MASS EFFECT seems like it would have been the more equitable choice to make an MMO out of.

Just my thoughts.

Darkfiber2779d ago

It will be meh, just like every other MMO. It does nothing different from the kill 10 of this, grindy auto target auto attack bullshit that so many people are bored of. OH BUT IT HAS TALKING, ZOMG, cause we all know talking has SUCH a huge impact on gameplay...derp.

Jam_sponge2779d ago

By the looks of the new combat engine, just an action-heavy MMO could be awesome. Imagine exploring the universe with your buddies though... :D

SuburbanHell2779d ago

I'm almost certain this was rumored before, but I'd still really like to see it come to fruition, I'd be all over that.

Saryk2779d ago

I would love this.

I like the Babylon, Farscape, Star Trek, Star Wars universes, but my favorite is the Mass Effect universe! Even read the books, damn good if you want to know what happen prior to the first game, good back story.

T-K47x2779d ago

How about at least get Star wars finished, and then do KOTOR 3 everybody wants it.

Ascalon942779d ago

I wish they would do KOTOR 3 but according to Bioware SW:TOR is suppose to be KOTOR 3-7 or something like that

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The story is too old to be commented.