E3 Conference Lowlights: From Mr. Caffeine's Dick Jokes to Jack Tretton's Tie

Sinan Kubba writes, "As a non-attendee, I find it easy to allow the jaded snarky bastard who lives in the recesses of my jagged soul to type merciless snark about these so-called conferences into his laptop, all while sipping a totally not bitter and definitely not depressing eighth beer of the cold, lonely night. But the reason I find it easy is because the conferences are so full of proper total complete and utter funny. The nonsense that’s announced, the horribly awkward hosting, the obviously scripted staging, and the unrelenting trough of WTF moments are more entertainment than sharing a box of popcorn with Charlie Sheen at the Ice Capades, but for all the wrong reasons. Here are my lowlights of the press conferences of E3 2011."

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Dramscus2741d ago

Good read, about sums up my opinion of events as well lol.