AMD and Nintendo Join Forces To Create A New Way To Enjoy Console Gaming Entertainment

AMD writes "Today at E3, AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced its support for Nintendo’s newly-announced Wii U™ system, as a new way to enjoy HD console gaming entertainment. The custom AMD Radeon™ HD GPU reflects the best characteristics of AMD’s graphics technology solutions: high-definition graphics support; rich multimedia acceleration and playback; and multiple display support. As an industry leader, AMD has supplied the game console market with graphics expertise and ongoing support for more than 10 years."

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colonel1792693d ago

How is this compared to 360 and PS3? Is it actually better as the rumors said it would be?

evrfighter2693d ago

interested in this little note

"and multiple display support."


EYEamNUMBER12693d ago

no one actually knows yet they only revealed the controller itself so the console itself is still up for speculation

Menech2693d ago

It's a 4850, from what all the rumors have basically confirmed but with an updated architecture.

It also has higher clock rates, to put that into prospective, two 7800GTX's (PS3 has one) in SLI would lose to it badly.

meetajhu2693d ago

Are kidding me? You need quad sli 7800's to beat a 4850. It has 800 shaders. Its extremely powerful home console. But no where close to a PC. It has stupid watson cpu which is getting hyped for no reason in perspective its no where fast as a Core2duo 8000's series cpu. But this console can run Crysis at 1080p due to its low level layer.

Menech2693d ago

Quad SLI was pretty worthless in the 7800 day's and it's still not that great at the moment so I generally don't like to use it in examples.

As 7800's in Quad SLI are only working at about 60 percent speed.

But yeah I agree that's why I said "would lose to it badly"

Substance1012693d ago

SLI scales pretty badly after 2 GPUs. 4850 in todays time is pretty out dated and would lose out to even low end GPUs.

Sure it may be pretty powerful for a home console, in PC terms its pretty weak.

macky3012693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I will be shocked if it isn't,.. for fuck's sake it will be a 6 year younger system,..

Mind you Sony is releasing a portable on a level of this gen,..

Menech2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I wouldn't call it on level, it just uses a smaller display so low resolution images look fantastic.

It's like when everyone used to think the PSP compared to the PS2 although in overall power it really didn't.

But on a small display it was rather hard to complain. It's alot more powerful then the Wii though that's for sure.

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You Noob2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Cell's SPU can do lot ot graphics things, way better than some GPU.

And Killzone 3 it's the perfect examaple. And only a blind fangirl can deny that.


No, it's because the price would be zitrilion of dollars.

Substance1012693d ago

Not really, the only reason Sony themselves didnt add a second Cell to the PS3 and instead vouched for a GPU was because they knew Cell wouldnt stand a chance against a GPU.

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aia122693d ago

the cell does NOT have fixed function unites like texture filtering and adressing units, rasterizer and raster operations units so it could never have been a FULL gpu.Aside from that its polygon performance isn't nearly as high as that of the rsx. Its design only allows it to assist an existing gpu. By the way please do your research next time before coming to talk smack

2693d ago
jneul2693d ago

lol let me think where i've seen that kind of controller before, oh thats right on the dreamcast, yeh sure ninty's thrown some new features in it, but in essence they really didn't innovate at all...
@aia you do your research as well what they are going on about is the MLAA that the cell performs, AA normally is performed on the gpu side of things, wish people would open up their minds and stop thinking that the pc architecture is the only way to go

Substance1012693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Lol you do realise MLAA is the worst form of AA, its not even real AA, its just a Blur effect which causes images to look less jaggied, in the end the game looks blurry over all.

MSAA is where its at.

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