The Witcher gets 87/100 from YouGamers

So, what to make of The Witcher? On face value, it's just another action fantasy RPG, albeit with lots of nice touches. There are plenty of annoying aspects (the endless cutscenes, dodgy dialogue and simplistic combat) and it's not completely free-roaming. The sex mini-game could be seen as crass, the language unnecessary and the setting confusing (talk of genetics and mutants in a medieval land?).

However, try to think of The Witcher as being like Winona Ryder: oh-so pretty, very talented but somewhat of a shop-lifting, flawed gem. This is what makes it so good: the pros completely outweigh the cons, even after the teeth-grindingly awful start. It has plenty of length to it, perhaps not to Oblivion or Baldur's Gate levels, but certainly enough; it questions morality by forcing you to make decisions that often have no "right" answer. The levels of difficulty change the gameplay enough to warrant multiple replays too. Underneath its gutter-level exterior, there lies a remarkably thoughtful game.

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Charlie26884868d ago

Sleeper hit? I don't know ANYONE that is even remotely familiar or knows this game..even worse looking forward for it..

But it has started getting decent reviews O.o

maybe it will be worth a try

Zinny4868d ago

I've heard quite a few people looking forward to it. Might not sell as well as a big hit but I think it'll do well.

MK_Red4868d ago

Been looking forward to this one. Great find. Hope other reviewers give it good scores. It's more than good to finally have an M rated PC RPG.

candystop4868d ago

I really want this game and could care less about good or bad reviews! This game needs to come to consoles because I have a funny feeling it's not going to sell well on PC!