E3 2011: Is Xbox 360 Starting To Show Its Age?

Nearly 6 years after the Xbox 360 released, developers may now be facing the glaring issue of console limitations.

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GCO Gamer2741d ago

I don't think it is... I'm excited about everything Microsoft has to offer.

theonlylolking2741d ago

Sesame street is freaking awesome I am so excited!!!!...yeah NO

The best graphics I have seen on the 360 is crysis 2 and I dont think it could do any better than that.

GCO Gamer2741d ago

Sesame Street looks hilarious!

omi25p2741d ago


Im guessing you didnt play the gears of war 3 beta.

DualConsoleOwner2740d ago

Crysis 2 looks better than Gears... and i played it.

dont get me wrong, they both look very good, but Xbox 360 has been showing age for a bit...

but that is the nature of consoles in general.

the_kutaragi_baka2741d ago

Gears 2 already maxed out xbox 360 a long time ago...

Grenadan2741d ago

MGS4 also maxed out PS3 a long time ago..

ddkshah2741d ago

kutaragi Halo and Crysis 2 say hii!!!

Grenadan Killzone 2 Uncharted 2, Infamous 2 all Say Hi!!!
BF3 will show both of you the finger lol

Just_The_Truth2741d ago

i'm pretty sure they meant disk space.

sikbeta2741d ago

"MGS4 also maxed out PS3 a long time ago"

*go watch the U3 Demo*

Hmmm... I don't think so...

bumnut2741d ago

MGS4 maxed out my patience!

saving, loading, saving, loading the next loading screen, loading the saving screen, saving, loading, installing next chapter, loading next chapter.........

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aia122741d ago

did you see gears 3 or crysis 2 ? no gears 2 didn't max it out gears 3 will probably do that anyway so the 360 will probably be maxed out this september.

somerandomdude2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

The 360 was just about maxed out upon delivery. This is because it is very easy to program for since its exactly like a pc. The PS3 took a while to max out because they use the cell processor which makes the console operate very differently from your standard pc. Even today we are trying to figure out what this cell processor can do and it is becoming evident that it suits gaming better then a traditional processor.

Ninver2741d ago

this question was answered when gears 2 released.

aia122741d ago

why are you pretending like crysis 2 doesn't exist ? gears 3 mp beta also looked WAY better than gears 2 campaign and gears 3 campaign looks even better(go check out the e3 footage)so your statement totally fails

yamzilla2741d ago this article 3 years old....the 360 hit its peak with bioshock 1 and gears 1, nothing has come out since on it that has surpassed those watermarks

ps3 peaked with uncharted 2

there is nothing left in either console

used up

720p is the max they can do
sputtering in 20-30 frames
jaggies and pop-in with a topping of screen tear

hopefully the wii u gives console gamers some better visual fidelity, you will not find it on those two last gen consoles

maxmill2741d ago

Funny because UnC3 looks way better than Uncharted 2 so yea..

Screen tearing RARELY happens on ps3, ive only seen it on kz3

Stuttering FPS is not the hardwares fault, plus once again RARElY happens on ps3

jaggies are barely noticeable when you actually sit away from your tv like you should, but i know pc gamers dont

hopefully pc gamers get some actual good games because so far, barely any have come forth compared to console

just saying what other people wont

yamzilla2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

i use my pc on a 50" plasma most of the time or the 46" lcd and my ps3 on a 24" monitor almost always because 720p (or much less sometimes) looks absolutely awful on a 50" screen, it is tolerable on the 24" but still looks pretty bunk because of the lack of aa,

example; bfbc2 on both consoles had absolutely ZERO anti aliasing, tons of screen tearing and looks horrendous, i know because my nephews just brought it over last weekend and wanted to play it....even on the 24" monitor it looked bad, very bad. Lol...they kept asking to put it on the bigscreen and i was like looks bad enough here....


gt5 looks like ass in many areas, some of the premium cars look ok.......the crowd looks like the sims 2, the trees look terrible, all of the cars are covered in jaggies and it is not full 1080p

it is some weird ass 1280x1080 resolution and it is a racing game, all that needs to be rendered is a track, some trees and the crowd and it still looks like booty in a lot of areas..

somerandomdude2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

good pc games
Witcher 2 (the graphics beat Uncharted 2)
Total War series
plus, Elder scolls 5 and similar games are better on pc because of modding.

I like the PS3 as well, but to say the pc has nothing to offer is ridiculous and in many ways the pc is even better.

caboose322741d ago


Yea man to say there are no good games on pc is pretty ridiculous, there are plenty of AMAZING games like everything somerandomdude posted and much more. It's just a fanboy thing of you to say. I have both pc and ps3, you dont have a gaming pc. Thus you have no reason to talk because you havent experienced the best of both worlds, you are simply comparing to something you have no clue about.

AyeGee2741d ago

I hope you have a gaming PC and Steam to be saying that PC gamers don't get good games.. you should check out the vast library of games on Steam. They're cheaper and there's so many to choose from.. there are plenty of good games for PC, unless you're a long time PC gamer.

The PS3 isn't as powerful as a high end PC.. don't tout it so high on a pedestal lol. It's good hardware, but it isn't perfect. True though, EVERY game i play looks shitty on my 42" lcd when i play my PS3.. ONLY when i'm up close. Sitting back on my couch, games look great.

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maxmill2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

the truth hurts

btw yam that was a multiplat, no way in hell can you actually say unch2's lil jaggies piss you off that much

Come on, btw a 50? Overkill

btw with the Gt5 thing, you are correct that the crowd looks ass, but are you gonna cry because most games have that? Its also funny how I know its not full 1080p yet still looks nice

SasanovaS19872741d ago

reading your 2 comments, i can conclude ur a total prick in real pathetically sad human imo

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GCO Gamer2741d ago

There's actually a lot that STILL can be done with both platforms. Am I the only one excited about there not being another console generation? I mean, this generation is interesting and it's transcending gaming. If we jump into another console generation -- right now -- it would most likely be geared towards the casual crowd.

Ser2741d ago

"i know because my nephews just brought it over last weekend and wanted to play it....even on the 24" monitor it looked bad, very bad. Lol...they kept asking to put it on the bigscreen and i was like looks bad enough here...."

Off topic: Wow, I feel sorry for your poor nephews, all they wanted to do was play on teh big screen.

On topic: I honestly don't think that either of the consoles have been maxed out. I'm sure there's some kick left in both systems.

RumbleFish2741d ago

Sorry but complaining about how the crowd looks in GT5 is pathetic.
When you actually race there's no way you can notice how the crowd looks.
Play the game, don't search for flaws. Every game has them.
And everybody knows that consoles are limited. They are not meant to compete with high end PCs. They are cheaper and easy to use. Who would buy a $2000+ PC if the PS3 could do the same?
This console gen will end sooner or later and it will all start over again. New consoles will emerge and they will be outdated in comparison to PCs when they release. Easiest prediction ever!

AyeGee2741d ago

Agreed, haha. I'm pretty glad i recently built this new computer.. I play the same games i have on my PS3.. on my PC, because it's so much better lol.

Ilikegames762741d ago

I tried to play GT5, KZ3, God of War3 on the PC. Guess what? I couldn't because the PC don't have those games. Some of you PC elitist are just annoying. BTW, I also game on the PC.

bumnut2741d ago

not everyone likes gt5 and kz3, god of war was cool though.

RumbleFish2741d ago

I love GT5 and Killzone3 and God of War. But my only point was that there's no need to complain about consoles having less power than a PC. They have other advantages as price and exclusives.

Narutone662741d ago

I also play games on DC, GC, PS2, PS3, Wii, SNES, NDSL, PSP and PCs. They all have advantages and disadvantages. Saying one is better than the other is moot.

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popup2741d ago

Put together a PC with a spec the same as a PS3 or 360 and then run the same multi-platform game.

Which looks better now?

Many new graphics cards have emerged since the 360's release but still top end PC games look roughly in the same gen.

Where are all the PC exclusives that look better than consoles. Show me the top 50 exclusive better-than-console looking PC games? Most PC-only releases
look like last gen.

I have a gaming rig too but come on, running benchmarks and putting pretty lights in the case soon gets boring.

Let the devs sweat to craft a game that is custom made for the exact hardware you are running and see it as the 'director' intended.

slayorofgods2741d ago

My PC's graphics card is starting to show its age but still runs every game. It might not be as good as a more expensive graphics card but I can still run games on high.

To keep up I could by a new graphics card, but the fact of the matter is that I don't see the worth of it yet. A little higher anti aliasing in my games just don't matter.

So therefore, I elect not to upgrade because the the benefits just aren't great enough yet.

This is also why we still have this generations consoles.

TheDareDevil2741d ago

I don't think you have played Crysis 2, have you?

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