Bad Nintendo Wii software sales, is it a big issue?

The software sales for Wii are not good and the publishers know it. With a very low games attached rate per system sold, and majority of software sales going to 1st party, it really doesn't bode well for Wii's future. Will this eventually lead to problems for the Nintendo Wii?

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Dannagar4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )

Let me see, I only have 5 Wii games... Paper Mario, Zelda TP, Metroid P3, Monkey Ball BB, and Resident Evil 4. I do plan on getting Zack & Wiki, Nights Journey of Dreams and in addition to Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. I do have about 30 virtual Console games though. There's a ton of garbage/shovelware games out there but Wii owners have plenty of good games too.

Seraphim4506d ago

I have to agree about the garbage/shovelware games. There's too much of it on the Wii. But there are some great games out there, and it's imperative that Wii owners support these games. But if these good-great titles from 3rd party developers don't sell like they should it could influence future decisions from developers.

Anyway, one point I want to make. Just because Nintendo now has the largest, or close to, install base doesn't mean software sales are going to be off the charts. Look at the PS2. A prime example of a very robust install base, and a prime example of the problems we have in the gaming industry. Meaning that even with such a robust install base it doesnt mean games are going to sell. I can name many good-great games like Okami, Psychonaughts, etc who's sales were miserable. I can also name many big name IPs/series who's sales were pathetic in comparison to the install base. The fact of the matter is that even w/ a large install base gamers aren't supporting the software. Be it they rent games, buy used games, or are very casual gamers who rarely even game. There's a problem in the industry because rarely does a game sell like it should. Then obviously we also have a problem with crappy games. There's too many of them be it bad ideas, or simply bad games. But that's something we have to live with. It's unfortunate but reality...

KeiZka4506d ago

Yet there is another problem with Wii here. PS2 also offered a somewhat cheap multimedia center operability, in form of playing both dvds and cds, and that was/is a good reason to buy it alone.

Wii does not have this option.

Bloodmask4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )

I think the big problem is that 3rd parties are basicly just giving the Wii "ports" of Gamecube or PS2 games. Or just making minigames. The Wii can put out good graphics if the developers would take the time to utilize the Wii. Just look at Super Mario Galaxy. The graphics are great.

I think 3rd parties are just under a lot of pressure bc it isn't a big industry secret that Nintendo has a great track record for producing AAA Games. Most of the games that Miyamoto has a hand in are gaming gold. Basicly it just goes to show that long time industry veterans still know what gaming is all about "fun and gameplay". Other developers take notes.

It is true that a lot of people buying Wiis aren't "hardcore" gamers that purchase a lot of titles. But at the rate the Wii is selling every month I don't think that Nintendo has much to worry about.

DrPirate4506d ago

This is the correct answer. Well done Bloodmask.

Spike474506d ago

You see, zack and wiki,monkey ball,nights, are nothing compared to assasins creed ,call of duty 4etc.

You know, at first I wanted to buy a wii, but then I realized the limited amount of games on it.
if i buy a ps3 or a 360, I have a larger selection of games.Take for example all these games that you can't get on a wii:
assasins creed,gta4, unreal tournament 3, call of duty 4, resident evil 5, the orange box,devil may cry 4,mercenaries 2,etc.

The only games that interest me for the wii are super mario galaxy, SSBM,mario kart, and no more heroes.

I know the innovation is great, but I don't want any of it if the only games I can use that innovation with are just 3 good AAA titles while the rest are mini games.

unsunghero284506d ago

"You see, zack and wiki,monkey ball,nights, are nothing compared to assasins creed ,call of duty 4etc."

First of all, that's very much based on opinion... And I'm not sure popular opinion either. Many people would pick easy-going Z&W or NiGHTs over action games like COD4 or AC.

Second, you hardly listed the best Wii games coming up. You mentioned that 360 and PS3 had "assasins creed,gta4, unreal tournament 3, call of duty 4, resident evil 5, the orange box,devil may cry 4,mercenaries 2,etc." (nice use of etc. in a concrete list, btw) and for the Wii mentioned Galaxy, SSBB, No More Heroes and Mario Kart.

That's 8:4 so far, but you're not counting BWii, Fire Emblem, Resident Evil UC, Final Fantasy CC, Manhunt 2, or Soul Calibur Legends. All of those could be considered must-haves for many hardcore gamers, and all of those are actually Wii exclusive.

I know a lot of people are concerned about how many hardcore games are out for the Wii now, but the inexpensive Wii will have SOMETHING that appeals to every type of hardcore gamer by the end of '08.

Rooftrellen4506d ago

"Take for example all these games that you can't get on a wii:
assasins creed,gta4, unreal tournament 3, call of duty 4, resident evil 5, the orange box,devil may cry 4,mercenaries 2,etc."

Here's the trick. First, I've already picked out 11 games I consider must haves, and did the same for the PS3 (didn't for the 360, though I dislike FPS for the most part, and that's a big part of the 360, anyway), but the PS3 only had 10. All but one of the Wii games I listed was a port from another system, and all were next year (the rest of this year is nice too, by the way).

So, as we can see, a whole heck of a lot of great games are comming for the Wii, and you won't be getting them on the PS3 or 360.

Second, your list of games bores me. The only one on that list I would want is RE5, and even then, not with the old control system. It comes down to personal tastes, but there are very, very few games outside of the Wii that I want, and those 7 sequals don't fall among them, I'm sorry to say, though they, and Assassins Creed, may impress you.

Darkiewonder4506d ago

Given the exception of a few third parties that are trying. The rest are following market trend that's being set. They see a certain type of games are selling so they'll go that way. Once it chances, they are like "WTF?!" So they'll do whatever it takes to make money. In the end, Wait, There isn't one! ;O

the worst4506d ago

dragonball, zelda, wario
waiting 4 mario galaxy
nothing else really

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