Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Wii U

PCA: What games will be available for the Wii U at launch? Can it play Blu-ray discs? Will the Wii U controller survive sustained 'gamer rage'? PCA attempts to answer these questions and more in an indepth look at Nintendo's next-gen console.

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Shackdaddy8362741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I wanna know if the controller will have the same graphics as the console. The way I can see this is if they use the cloud system to stream video like onlive does and keep the console as the main powerhouse device. This may be why the connection is limited to inside the house - because if you go outside you would have to use wireless which would probably make it have the same problems as onlive does (as well as take up more room in the controller).

This would also explain those clips of the guy flipping the image to the TV. It's all on a cloud system.

If this is the case then this feature would be a lot more pleasing and would probably entice me to buy the system. I'm not that knowledgeable about cloud though so it's just a guess but it seems right to me... :)

P.S. Awesome article. Clarifies everything. :)

ChickeyCantor2741d ago

" wanna know if the controller will have the same graphics as the console. "

Its a receiver...what more do you want from it?

blackbeld2741d ago

"The Wii U comes with HDMI, component, S Video and composite connectivity ports and is capable of outputting video at 1080p. It also comes with an SD memory card slot and four USB 2.0 ports, which can be used to connect external hard drives."

"The Wii U will come with a new proprietary disc format capable of storing an impressive 25GB of data - the same as a single-layer Blu-ray disc. According to a report on Kotaku, onboard storage will be limited to just 8GB of flash-based memory. (In other words, an external hard drive or SD memory card is going to be essential.)"

Very nice. I will buy it for sure. Finally Zelda on HD graphics.

The Meerkat2741d ago

The only thing i see as being bad is the size of the controller. It will be fine for adults but what about 4-5 years olds?

macky3012741d ago

I think 360 is more appropriate console for 4-5 year olds.

DarkSpawnClone2741d ago

i disagree.see i really did look :)...nintendo has abandoned the hardcore gamer long ago ,all they care about is casuals and kids,tho MS seems to be going that way as well but at least they HAVE hardcore games.

Stephen55432741d ago

I'm not really impressed by the WiiU, yet, but something bothered me about your statement. You don't count Darksiders, Ninja Gaiden, Batman Arkham City, Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon and Smash Bros as hardcore games? They've all been announced for the new system.

Valk2741d ago

@Stepher, To fanboys and mindless haters it is casual if its on a Nintendo platform. Whats funny is that line of thinking means PS3 is a casual console. The best selling game is COD and you can also play that on Wii.

DarkSpawnClone2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )


i regret even buying a wii,there was nothing on it but a few mario games(Note* i love mario but i'v been there and done that since the NES)..yeah those tittles are hardcore but what has nintendo made that was new and hardcore i really don't have faith in them to bring back the hardcore,i would love them to prove me wrong...and no i don't count smash bros as hardcore lol you are thinking of multiplat game's i am thinking of nintendo exclusive games made by nintendo,every game company can put out some thing new and hardcore but nintendo its like they don't care about hardcore gamers,it's nice to see them attempt buti will believe it when i see it


this has nothing to do with ps3.the fact is nintendo have been 99.9% casual with the wii or have you been under a rock for the past 5-6 years.

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DeadlyFire2741d ago

There is still the Wiimote. If you don't want them playing with it why let them?

At least Nintendo is trying to get back into the game.

greatjimbo782741d ago

There's also the Classic Pro pad. That's what I'll use.

DeadlyFire2739d ago

Best controller for the Wii I believe is the classic pro one.

Grown Folks Talk2741d ago

All I know is, I better never see another complaint about the size of the original Xbox controller. This Nintendo controller ate an Xbox fat & a Dreamcast controller & had room left over.

solidworm2741d ago

The only thing you need to know is I wont be buying it.

catguykyou2741d ago

Actually, didn't really need to know that.

VampiricDragon2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I want one of these so bad.

This system has much more promise than the wii and its fully BC 2 gens back

Edit: Jeez the sony fanboys start early with the disagrees.

TacoTaru2741d ago

Yeah, some of them are still being defensive about having spent $600 on the PS3. When you do that you need to pretend it's the best thing ever made.

Biggest2741d ago

If you spent $600 on a PS3 it IS the best system ever made. It has full backward compatability for PSOne and PS2. It has an easily upgraded hard drive. It has 4 USB slots and multi-card reader. It has a full and upgradable BluRay player. That is more included than the yet to be released Wii U, is it not?

Valk2741d ago

upgradable blu ray? LOL that is funny. Nope kid it will always be the same single speed Blu ray player that came isnide the original PS3. The only thing you listed Wii doesnt have that we know of is amulti card reader. However everything else is there along with a controller that wont be abandoned in 6 months and never spoken of again like the Sixaxis was.

Wii u is BC with GC and Wii
Easy to replace external hard drive just plug it in and done.
4 USB slots are there
It has a complete disc drive9 what cosnole doesnt though? That was just a dumb point to try to make the PS3 look like it had more to offer)
New typer of controller like nothing before it.
Touch Screen
Ability to play the system without even turning on the TV.

I could keep proving you wrong but ui already know you will try to downplay any feature it has that PS3 didnt.

Safe to say you just got owned though.

Biggest2741d ago

I guess you feel that disk read speed is the only thing that can be upgraded. What was the maximum capacity of BluRay when the PS3 was released? What it is now? Isn't the PS3 able to play them? Upgrade. Was 3D available when the PS3 was released? Can the PS3 play 3D games and BluRay movies now? Upgrade.

The point of this isn't that the new Nintendo console doesn't have what the PS3 has. No, it won't have BluRay, so the PS3 will forever be above it and the other consoles because of that alone. But this many years later it should have been surpassed in hardware features. The original $600 PS3 60G is the best, and most fully featured console ever released. Good job on owning whatever it is you thought you owned.

VampiricDragon2741d ago

For me its just stupidity.

Know body thought the wii was any good either and it will likely be the only system to break 100mil for a system this gen.

Doubting nintendo in anything they do is dumb

jagstatboy2741d ago

"This system has much more promise than the wii and its fully BC 2 gens back"

How do you know the WiiU will be BC with Gamecube? Answer: you don't, you're just talking out of your butt.

StarCSR2741d ago

I agree with you on part 1 of the sentence, but I just have to tell you that de Cube BC was never officially acknowledged by Nintendo. They do state BC with the Wii.

Stephen55432741d ago

It isn't BC 2 gens back. No support for Gamecube controllers. Only Wii controllers and accessories.


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bigjclassic2741d ago

I can finally retire my Wii and PS3 when this comes out.

elite-shot2741d ago

except this is basically an accessory for the wii, you can't deny it before you disagree me i cant see how it does anything other than works with the wii or tries to be a handheld:/

BX812741d ago

Fail. This is a whole new console with better graphics backwards compatibility. You should watch the demo. Plus u can use all the wii stuff with it. Ur just looking at the controller i guess? Even then the wii u controller is the most advanced controller of any console

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