Dark Souls 15 Minutes Off Screen Gameplay

Check out 3 Dark Souls's gameplay video from E3 2011

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negroguy2689d ago

Seems like the basics are still there. Then they said it will be even harder.. I can't wait. I'm ready for some rage quitting.

HeavenlySnipes2689d ago

but I'm putting it off til summer. I played through the first stage, but its the type of game that you have to spend hours upon hours in frustration playing the game to feel like you accomplished something. I'm too busy right now to go through that.

Sticking to MP games for a quick fix for now. This pretty much looks like Demons Souls though. Hopefully we can cast magic without the stick...

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Neckbear2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Heh, that boss looks fairly easy, I said. His damage is that of a normal enemy, I told myself.

Then, a fire-spitting second one appeared out of nowhere and killed the poor guy playing the demo.

Oh, From Software.

PhoenixDevil2689d ago

Yh I was thinking the exact same thing, though I also thought 'Its pulled a Maneater' how crafty the game looks solid, no magic bar on there tho wonder if there changing the mana system ? or it may just b this demo

Tex1172688d ago

Yup, thought the same thing.

And you know the upped the builds for these characters for the demo.

banjadude2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

lol, the little solider guy at the beginning really wanted in on the action!

MasterCornholio2689d ago

"You Hollowed" What a strange way in saying you died. Anyways i hope the demo is of the PS3 version because it looks good.