IGN's Guitar Hero 3 review - Another jam fest you don't want to miss

Guitar Hero 3 is a safe first entry into the franchise by Neversoft. The studio didn't rock the boat too much and stuck with the tried and true formula of previous Guitar Hero games in most situations. The soundtrack is fantastic and the new online additions are going to take the Guitar Hero community to the next level. It really is hard to argue with any facet of the gameplay. Everything outside of the game itself, though, is in need of an overhaul as the presentation is growing a bit stale. It's hard to ask that of a developer's first foray into an established franchise, but it's equally hard to look at the game and not see room for improvement.

Overall score: 8.9/10

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PS360PCROCKS4873d ago

I cannot believe someone disagreed with you lol. It is the same game, they added a few little things but it's just another GH with some new songs.

PS360PCROCKS4873d ago

I can't decide if I want GH or Rock Band...I cant decide which has the best music because they both have awesome music on them.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4873d ago

Rock Band = MTV + Its track listing is lame...

PS360PCROCKS4873d ago

Um maybe to you, but their is alot of music on their that I like, I love Fall out boy, coheed and cambria, the killers etc.. and I got disagrees for saying that I wasn't sure what game I wanted because their music I liked on both? You people are a fuc*ing joke.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4873d ago


CRIMS0N_W0LF4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

Should I get ? I Personally am a guitarist i was thinkg using this game to play with my friends who can't play real instument but i'm into gothenburg sound.........where can i find track listing of GH3 also is it possible to input your own songs? I also love old school rock

MK_Red4873d ago

Superb find, nice review and good game. The music selection is actually really good this time but with Rock Band coming soon, I'm not too sure about about GH3.

Radiomorph4873d ago

Nice to see it coming to Wii as well.

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