E311: Battlefield 3 - Community reactions after the 2011 EA Press Conference

Gamertag Radio writes: "Community reactions after the 2011 EA Press Conference."

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alousow2693d ago

did u guys see BF3 demo vs MW3 demo its totally different OMG mw3 is no where close to BF3 if u dont believe me go rewatch it n pay good attention. From graphics to physics BF3 wins, but idk how the game feel you pick the controller

MastaMold2693d ago

Battlefield 3 = BEAST Day 1 buy

yamzilla2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

on pc, that is all that was shown, on pc it will be awesome, on console it will be bfbc2.5

still an awesome game for a console game, but last gen, 1024x640p 30 frames per second, 24 player game....6 years all console shooters....screen tear, frame stutters, jaggies,

it may look like medium pc settings on the wii u thing if it is at least twice as powerful as the ps3

artdafoo2693d ago

Lol, I'll take BFBC2.5 over MW2.5 any day of the effin week.

pr0digyZA2693d ago

Yamzilla you are giving us PC guys a bad name, when I read your posts I cringe at what you say.

Looks awesome can't wait to try the beta in September.

chak_2692d ago

Why so much anger?

I mean everybody knows how PC destroy the rest, but why state is so aggressively in every thread?

And that comes from a PC only gamer.

ATiElite2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Most of the MW3 screenplay were set pieces and cut scenes. Even when they do show actual game-play it looks like MW1 but with only 5 shades of grey and black.

I just don't get how people can look at BF3 and not be totally blown away, it's like watching Desert Storm on CNN on a HD TV all over again. MW3 is the same shite you have been playing for the last 5 years. same engine same style same LAG same jaggies.

MW3 looks like shite (along with almost everything else) when compared to BF3. If you have never played BF2 may I suggest you go play it (Not Bad Company 2 cause that's a console game) so you can understand just how LARGE the maps are or just multiply the map sizes in BC2 by 4.

Battlefield is FULL scale war! not a shooter, not twitch gaming, not Halo but FULL SCALE WAR! and yes you can even sink battleships in Battlefield games.

If you like the COD gameplay....awesome you and 15 million other gamers will be having fun soon but I just want people to stop comparing the two cause the only similarities are that they are both FPS using modern weapons, after that they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Battlefield since 1942!

AKissFromDaddy2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

no games can every be compared to one another.

Every game has a competitor and for BF3, its MW3.

For Halo, its Killzone and Resistance.

For Uncharted, its Gears.

For Metal Gear, its Splinter Cell

Its also....
Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter vs BlazBlue

King of Fighters vs MvC

Gran Turismo vs Forza vs Project Gotham vs Ridge Racer

Bayonetta vs God of War

Devil May Cry vs Ninja Gaiden

Half-Life vs Half-Life 2 vs Half-Life 3

There will always be comparison on which game does it better. Its fun to watch and share opinions too.(wink)

ATiElite2692d ago

BF3 closest competitor would be Arma II but then again Arma II is a Hyper realistic MIl-Sim. Battlefield has NO COMPETITION.

CODMW has NO VEHICLES and is not team focused and CODMW closest competitor would be Unreal Quake and Halo.

Uncharted = Gears...WRONG! Uncharted competition is Tomb Raider

Bayoneta vs. Devil May Cry
Ninja Gaiden vs. God of War
and Half life has no competition. Physics based action adventure FPS is one of a kind.

BLAKHOODe2693d ago

Nobody is going to convince a COD fan that their game is inferior. No point in even trying.

As much as I'm looking forward to BF3 (and I couldn't stress enough how big a fan I am of BFBC2), EA/DICE put on an amazing demonstration, BUT they dropped the ball by not showing a console version of the game. I still think the game will be loads better than COD, especially if they're not changing things much with MW3 (and it doesn't look like they are), but I won't know for sure till September when the multiplayer beta hits.

MasterCornholio2693d ago

MW3 looks terrible. Typical game that is cheaply produced to sell to the masses with minimal effort. Now Battlefield 3 is a quality title. Something that will be more than worth its 60 euro pricetag. Plus they offer the stat tracking for free.

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