Financial Analysis -- Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft -- Sales through 9/30/07

Financial analysis of the Big Three in videogames posted by a contributor to VG Chartz. Note that this article is based on data provided by each respective company's financial earnings reports and is through September 30, 2007.

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kn4870d ago

VG Chartz takes a lot of heat at times for their numbers but this is through September 30, 2007 and is based on the manufacturers reported data. In addition, VG Chartz "corrects" their numbers in arrears as they get public information from sources such as NPD, Media Create, Famitsu, and so on.

calderra4870d ago

Ja. Thankfully, some of this info really IS direct from Sony and MS and Nintendo.

The really telling bits actually from the companies:
-[The game division of] Sony posted a loss of 96.7 billion yen ($841 million), more than double their losses from the same quarter last year
-[Microsoft's similar division] posted an operating profit of $165 million for the quarter, as opposed to the $1.2 billion loss last quarter and the $992 million lost a year ago.
-Nintendo [as a company] made 132 billion yen from April to September this year, a 144% increase (more than doubling) over the same period last year.

One of these things is not like the other.

rbanke4870d ago

I see the PS3 selling similarly to the 360. I dont think the 360 is selling poorly, and they are both selling about the same, so why is the ps3 a sinking ship again?

jaja14344870d ago

Its not that its sinking its just below expectations. Kind of like if you were to watch a professional bowler get a say 280 score. By no means is that bad, but people expect them to get at least 290 so when you don't you get some flack. Kind of the same with Sony, since they did so well last gen people excepted them to do the same this time around.

In the words of well somebody, "Expectations are the mother of all F ups."

Captain Tuttle4870d ago

What're doing making such a well thought out and balanced post?

Have a bubble.

Thugbot1874869d ago

Agreed sales of the 360 and PS3 are pretty close most months with the 360 mostly leading the PS3 by 20k or more. This is the problem as I keep stating and why the PS3 is viewed as a sinking ship. Every month they don’t sale the same or more that the 360 the install base lead of the 360 widens. The fact that the 360 month for month continues to out due the PS3 even slightly grows the install base lead for the 360. This is the same situation Microsoft ran into with the original Xbox. While many of the developers are hoping for the best for PS3 it gets to a point where there shareholders want to see more of a return on profit; at that point they have to go where the larger install base is. This will hurt the PS3 as it hurt the Xbox because this means less overall games and exclusives. A huge game library means a bigger chunk of the gamer community. Look at last gen PS2 over 3 times the available games in its library compared to the Xbox, no doubt it made it very attractive with the large install base to get developers to develop on the console.

Daishi4869d ago

You also have to account how companys report sales. Sometimes companys report the systems that they sell to retail as moving consoles, this is true but not what most of us consider actual sales. I'm very glad they posted both of these numbers here to give a better perspective. A console could have a huge leap in sales but it not make a dent in the overall systems sold category because those systems were already accounted for when they were shipped to retail. Just a few tricks of the trade to keep your stock holders happy is all, I'm just glad that anyone who wants a console can go to the store and pick it up now without having to go through Ebay...

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360Crusader4870d ago

An interesting thread, seems like it makes sense.
But I wonder how accurate it really is?
I think the 360 will manage to stay in the black thru the holidays after that. Who knows?

doomsonyman4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

you here that sony MADE 73.7 billion yen ($641 million) and microsoft $1.2 billion loss last quarter and the $992 million lost a year ago. now thats funny LMAO there is no hope for you xfags microsoft is losing billions this just futher more proves that microsoft sucks cuz there not making money so what are they in this business for?? so they can misslead there retarded fanbase and destroy this industry something that sony built. these numbers are an embarrassment and microsoft is a jokehow could you love something which is failing so miserably why? because you lack the intelligence TO UNDERSTAND what a true failuar means XLOSERS

BlazeXXL4870d ago

u make us playstation fans look bad, please die.

jcgamer4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

did you not see that Microsoft as a WHOLE made a PROFIT of over $4 BILLION dollars in one QUARTER and the Entertainment & Devices division did NOT drag down the quarter for the first time? Sony as a WHOLE made $641 MILLION for the I have to explain to you the difference between millions and billions? and I'm very happy that the Entertainment & Devices division are actually in the black for a change considering all the software and accessories that I and fellow 360 owners BUY...can the DIVISION stay in the black and profitable is another question...are they and MS going anywhere? HECK NO! I really don't like when people SPIN FACTS...and there has NEVER been a time when Microsoft wasn't making money...MS makes more money in a quarter than most companies make in a...why am I still talking to you?...I probably wasted my time, seeing that you obviously believe only what you want to anyway...

"The big news is Sony losing so much money on the PS3 this quarter, right when they were making claims 6 months ago about making the hardware profitable this year..." Yeah, read that paragraph...or do you just skip around reading what you want to?

*this is for doomsonyman only...I know there are good and intelligent GAMERS on all sides of N4G: Sony, MS, and Nintendo included... and don't agree with him, and others like him, that make such lackluster statements...*

ry-guy4870d ago

Sony built this industry?

Try Nintendo took the foundation that Atari laid down and built this industry.

Saint Sony4870d ago

Yes, I see you are frustrated, but trust me, your pubic hair will grow sooner or later.

Skizelli4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Haha, good one Saint. Bubble for you, sir.

"this industry something that sony built" <-- LOL

My laughs for the day. Thanks guys.

@Doom: I'm tempted to give you a bubble just because you're so stupid and amusing to read, but ehh. It's hard enough to sift through the fanboy posts for the intelligent ones.

skagrerrrr4869d ago

you are funny! hardyharhar!

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kn4870d ago

Sony has 248 Billion in gaming inventory -- up 10% from the prior quarter -- primarily due to stockpiling PS3s. That is a LOT of inventory... about $2.2 billion at today's exchange rate. Since we don't know the ratio of PS3 to PS2 to software and other gaming-related inventory, it's hard to tell but regarless, Sony has a LOT of PS3s stocked and ready to go for the holidays by the end of September...

Close_Second4870d ago

...Stocking up on PS3s to meet consumer demand is one thing but why are people buying the PS3? just because it it less expensive than it used to be 6 months ago?

For me the PS3 does not (yet) have that big holiday release that will sell systems. R&C is a AAA but its not a system seller, not in huge volumes anyway - not like a GTA or MGS.

How much money is Sony going to lose with high sales of its new 40GB model? I'm still wondering what else was sacrificed other than BC and a couple of ports. It does not equate to such a significant drop in price so Sony must be taking a big hit on each unit sold.

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