E311: Video Debate "What's Slowing Down The Gaming Industry"

Gamertag Radio writes: "A video featuring the debate during E3 2011 between Vicious of TalkingAboutGames and LadyLuck concerning what is the driving force slowing down the gaming industry in the current generation. Their main, but opposing arguments? Hardware versus software."

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Active Reload2692d ago

Right, along with the devs/pubs themselves. If they're complaining about tech, then they should focus on PC gaming to take them were they want. Some simple and narrow minded people will say the 360, but that didn't stop devs from making games on the last gen consoles when the 360 launched. Crysis 2 ran and looked better on the 360 as far as consoles go and The Witcher is getting ready to come out on it also. So clue me in on how the 360 is holding the gaming industry back, lol.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2692d ago

Crysis 2 never looked better on the 360, it looked much darker and the AA was pretty poor as well.

Max_Dissatisfaction2692d ago

that makes sense, the only console on an upward trend, selling more consoles in its 6th year than ever is slowing down the industry

PygmelionHunter2692d ago

America's shitty taste for games, it's ridiculous how well all those shooters and casual games sell here.

SuperLupe2692d ago

Best selling game in EU = COD, GTA, RDR, FIFA Wii Sports, Wii Fits and all the Wii somethings.

Now compare with the best selling gams in the USA and come tell m about it.

And nope, Im not American Im French. 80% of gamers overhere play COD and Fifa, THATS IT. They spend exactly 120eu per year on games EVERY YEAR.

Peaceful_Jelly2692d ago

MOVE, Kinect, Wii-mote, 3D, online gaming and now the Wii Tablet controller.. Games like LA Noire, Heavy Rain, Uncharted and they say that things are slowing down the industry? In my opinion in this gen there has been more innovation than in the entire prior 2 generations combined!

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The story is too old to be commented.