New Oblivion content; Far Cry demo on Marketplace

News on a brand new download for Oblivion called the Spells Tome and a Far Cry Predator Instincts demo.

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Captain Tuttle5025d ago

And there was no one online. Not one person. Anyway, the graphics are pretty dated by COD 2 standards but it looks like it would be pretty fun, nonetheless.

The Snake5024d ago

I got it. It's fun, but definitely not a must have.

Mikey_Gee5024d ago

I agree, this games is not so bad, but hey ... the demo is Free and the fact I can HOST a online game and invite ONLY FRIENDS is a VERY NICE feature to have for a demo.

I hate demos that have online but I am thrown into the mix and forced to play with some of the yaahoo retards out there that do nothing more than aggrivate with the silly crap they say.