GamePro: Battlefied 3 Multiplayer Impressions

GamePro: "While there is still no word on what other changes we can expect from the multiplayer game modes, Battlefield's players classes have seen some significant changes.

There will be some upgrades to vehicles as well, like customizable weapon and equipment sets. We can also expect some updates to the skill tree system, to keep things more in line with the new class abilities. Dog tags get more personalized too, giving you more info about the people you take out in multiplayer matches. In all, the multiplayer for Battlefield 3 looks like the kind of thing that will keep fans and the community of Battlefeld online gamers happy while still switching things up enough to stay fresh."

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SJPFTW2690d ago

Best Game at E3 by a mile.

Farsendor12690d ago

yes overall best game of e3 hope to see some more of bf3.

mahfuz272690d ago

truly a revolutionary step forward for the gaming industry, i cant wait to see how the classes turn out to feel. I mean, support for suppressive fire? a assault class with defibs? A recon who can hold his breath? and engineers have FLASHLIGHTS?

Make way for the long overdue and true game of the year, something, in terms of innovation not seen since modern warfare once, after which activision made clones. Ea shall once again be crowned king of first person shooters. All hail Battlefield 3!!!