Great Rumor Games for PlayStation Vita

PlayStationEuphoria writes: "A list of eight unannounced, yet possible, PlayStation Vita titles compiled below, along with a small description of the possibilities for each title. We hope this get your imagination, as well as the developers’, rolling right along with the continuous wonder of which that is Sony’s new portable gaming device itself."

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Warprincess1162687d ago

I really want a Resident Evil game. Capcom made a mistake and invested too much on the 3ds. They should of gave us Vita players mercenaries since that a mutiplayer focused game. That perfect for the Vita.

eagle212687d ago

Capcom made no mistake and you need to blame something else for why RE jumped from psp and tell them to actually buy games for vita instead of pirating them. The psp software sales perspective outside japan is terrible ms.

StbI9902687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

You got a point, but it got more to do with the low asses consumer and not psp itself ;), and yes this kind of game would world ahead looks and sell even more on the vita if given how graphics whore are these behind this franchises.

Hope the best for both world (3DS, Vita) at not getting hacked this time around but hey, that is hard to assume, vita is bound to be hacked and so 3DS...7u7, if sony play things right like vita plus ps3 crossplatforming plus PSN integration option, then i don´t see pirating over games like Vanillaware Crown, or modnation or any games since, you will likely love to play through PSN I believe or save online? ;), me myself won´t be loosing these features over isos anytime soon also NO MORE dmn UMD.

3DS have a biggest chance in getting handed by pirates though, go guess it.

darthv722687d ago

that is what i want to see on the vita. Its easy to shout out titles that appear on the console but this is a portable that needs its own range of titles.

Games that use both front and back touch. The gps and what not. Sure uncharted and god of war and resistance would be cool but they are already cool on the ps3. Lets see something we couldnt possibly imagine a console doing because it can only be done on the vita.

People criticized the ds at first with its plethora of n64 ports. Then it found its own and has way more titles tailored to it instead of the cube or wii. That is what I want from the vita. Something new and different and most of

MasterCornholio2687d ago

The DS had huge problems with piracy as well. The only thing you need to do to play pirate games on a DS is buy a flashcart and download the games into it. Which is even easier to do then a reverse firmware hack with a pandora battery that people did with the PSP.

farhad2k82687d ago

I want GTA 5, Gran Turismo, FIFA, MGS and maybe even CoD online.
I would love to play some multiplayer games anywhere in the world with the 3G capabilities :D

BlackIceJoe2687d ago

SSX could be cool on the Vita. Plus Ghost Recon would be cool on the Vita too.

VampiricDragon2687d ago

more than half of them sound like ports.

So until I see that they are exclusives. Not interesting

Ju2687d ago

Why's that? I want a Vita version on every BD disk which you can simply download/stream to Vita - with cloud save and no extra cost :) That would be awesome. Or call it a "+" version and charge $10 extra, or in game store to allow registered game owners to download (and register) the mobile version for a small amount - will only re-buy if I really must. PS3/Vita should be one development process, though, so no extra money.

VampiricDragon2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

HAHAHAH so you basically want vita to have no library of its own?

its going to drop like a stone if thats the case.

And as of now you need to buy 2 games at full price to make the transfering work.

thats the danger of multiplating.

look at dragon crown. Why in the hell would I buy 2 versions full price of the same game when I can get it on the ps3 and play it in front of a tv?

and the ps3/vita wont be one dev process. The ps3 is far more powerful, its not really close.

And your proposing exactly what your precious sony didnt want.

Massive amounts of ports/multiplating and 1 percent exclusives.

Ju2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

All assets/gameplay is the same. You can basically port PS3 games with pretty much no change to the Vita.

Sure I want extended game play on the Vita version, but 50+% of development work goes into the art queue.

I don't really care what Sony wants. That is what I want. I want to simply save my game, sync it up with PSV, and keep on playing at my GFs house without the need to drag my PS3 along.

I don't know how that is so hard to understand. I mean, Sony even promoted this. Ruin by any chance? It was shown right there on stage. Content sharing in LBP, ModNation Racers?

teedogg802687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I want to see Gran Turismo Vita. With motion controls of course.

Falaut2687d ago

uhm, I don't so much agree on the motion control bit, but it would be cool to have a GT. In one of the promo videos they show a GT running on PSV (and its not GTP) so I strongly believe its coming.

teedogg802687d ago

If they make it -which I'm pretty sure they are- they should have it where you could play with either motion controls or analog control.

a_bro2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

just make sure its a full GT game in your pocket this time. GT PSP is was kinda of a fail. it was more like an arcade experience in your pocket.

plus the car transferring sucked.

Inception2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

For me, i just want RE n MG vita in that list. But i proposed three title:

- Legend of Dragoon remake / sequel
i knew that all of us were dying to see some LoD action this gen, but Sony just...deft -_-

- Dark Cloud 3
with Vita capabilities, playing Georama will more fun
and imagine we can make / share some Georama on the go

- Yakuza
if SEGA not localized Black Panther for PSP, than i hope they will remastered & localized it for Vita

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