GameCity '07: Keita Takahashi talks Noby Noby Boy

The oddball genius behind Katamari Damacy shows off the first technical demo of his latest project, shares insight into his creative process, and talks about the fights he has with his neighbours.

Noby Noby Boy does not have a definite date for release yet, and is obviously still in the early stages, although Takahashi did reveal that it would be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. He handed out controllers to the audience, showing that up to three people could play at once, taking control of the Noby Noby Boy, who can do such things as stretch, jump, eat animals, and eject them from his nether end intact, and lasso creatures by circling them. He also showed that animals will be able to hop on to Noby Noby Boy and enjoy a free ride.

Talking about his latest project, Takahashi admitted, "People do not understand it yet, even my boss. I think it looks fun."

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