Why Duke Nukem Forever Will Succeed

Duke Nukem is going to sell like crazy. It might even sell some consoles and PCs. Goozernation has the why and how behind this bold theory. Some of this reasoning comes from the release date during a semi-dead summer, long time fans of the series, the idea of an FPS that doesn't take itself too seriously, as well as some other reasons. DNF will be something different from the run of the mill fps like COD.

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RyanDJ2784d ago

I know he was rude and crude in his originals, and that's what made him special. I am curious what they will do with the new one, as everyone is rude and crude now. How far will they go....and what is too far?

djcitizend2784d ago

Hopefully they will add in footage from Human Centipede, as that will be the only way they can go over the top now.

yamzilla2784d ago will FLOP!!!!

this game looks like complete and utter waste!

dragon822784d ago

I think you may be right.

kube002784d ago

Human Centipede vs Duke Nukem..I like it

MinskyM2784d ago

Everything they've shown screams bargin bin.

dragon822784d ago

I think it will suffer from the GT5 sindrome. The game took so long to release that the expectations will be through the roof. I just don't see how it can live up to the expectations.

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