Nintendo Shares Fall After Wii Successor Unveiled

Nintendo Co. fell the most in more than two months after the unveiling of its first high-definition video-game console prompted some analysts to question the company’s ability to repeat the success of its ageing Wii model.

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Godmars2902742d ago

With all the spinning and damage control that goes on around here its next to impossible to tell.

dktxx22742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I think there's a lot of confusion regarding this new Wii U console. Thats the reaction I'm seeing from most not totally biased idiots.

sdtarm2742d ago

Nintendo hasnt helped at all neither

Shackdaddy8362742d ago

@sdtarm I know. In the gametrailers interview they said they would rely on the developers to talk about info which is just so dumb to me. They could have at least taken 30 minutes more in the conference to explain everythiing...

EYEamNUMBER12742d ago

well what do people expect technically speaking they haven't even revealed their new console yet just the controller and people out there still think the controller is the console

thong_pounder2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I think the shares fell because the console will end up with a high price, which most consumer will avoid as it is very similar to ps3 or xbox, but we haven't seen any spec info yet so i can't say how superior wii is to the current consoles. but the controller will end up costing around $100-150.

thugbob2742d ago

The Wii U feels more like a slight a improvement than a new console in my opinion.

From what they've shown the graphics is either on par with the PS3 & 360 or slightly better. The only thing unique to the controller is the fact that you can use Wii accessories with it and that you can switch from playing a console game on a tv to playing on the controller. Everything else the PSV w/ PS3 can pretty much do unless I'm forgetting something.

velcry2742d ago


As I've been telling my friends, whose fault is it if people are confused about Wii U?

I think it has to be Big N's fault. If you have the stage for 1.5 hrs, and you have live broadcasts and streams (so that as little as possible is lost in translation), and you STILL cannot get the message clearly across, you're doing something wrong.

How hard is it? If I were Nintendo, I would have said, "Yes, there will be a new console. Yes, the Wii U controller works with both the Wii and the new console. No, I have no further details on the new console now."

sikbeta2742d ago

keyword is definitely *confusion* for almost all the conference I thought the joystick was the console and they never clear things up in the show...

Skip_Bayless2741d ago

Yes and hardcore gamers who follow news were confused. It's not necessarily a bad thing when they still got almost 2 years before the U launches. Speculation can be good and sometimes bad though.

Ser2741d ago

I believe velcry nailed my thoughts.

I watched the entire Nintendo press conference, and I'm still confused as to what's going on with this new system.

Ilikegames762741d ago

Nintendo is kind of elusive with the Wii U detailed information. They shouldn't let the developer be the one talking about info. Nintendo should be the one doing the talking as it's their console after all.

The Killer2741d ago

it is good to see nintendo doing something different and innovative!

competition is what makes the gaming industry good and life!

they deserve all the success they got from wii and i hope they put a strong competition in the next gen.

morganfell2741d ago

The problem that Nintendo faces isn't informational. It's their userbase. Some loyal Nintendo fans as well as new fans will buy the console. But a massive percentage of people that made the Wii a success are not the same people that will upgrade a console.

"You mean it looks better with better graphics? That's not important." Granny doesn't care. Not to mention the number of people that bought one who have been letting it sit on the shelf and collect dust. I know, I have one under one of my TVs.

An almost two year wait for the next cycle possibly puts the console into contention with the PS4, the Xbox 720, or both. These are consoles that sell to people who do upgrade and these two consoles will certainly be more powerful. There is every chance that the Wii had it's run and the magic of the Wii was a lucky place in time, not to be repeated. If I were a Nintendo shareholder I would be very concerned.

SilentNegotiator2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

There's no way in hell, heaven, or earth that WiiU will share Wii's success. I expect their shares to continue to drop and encourage any investors who hoped aboard any time after 2006 get out now, while they still can make money from their investment.

Heck, with 3DS's high price barrier thanks to its expensive and ineffective 3D technology and with stiffer competition, I doubt the 3DS will share the DS's success, either.

Like I said, abandon ship if you still want to make money on your investment. It's all going to start soon with high marketing costs.

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oricon2742d ago

Reggie confirmed in an interview with Geoff the footage of the 3rd party games were from the ps3 and 360 version so you cant really judge the console yet as they haven't shown anything really in terms of graphical output.

Godmars2902742d ago

And you're missing the point: it was the main presentation Reggie needed to show off the Wii U. That's what the general public and media were coving and the only thing they cared about. Not a post interview after they only showed and overall suggested that the controller was the only thing they had.

Nevermind that the fracking thing is a tablet!

fei-hung2741d ago

I think the problem is this:

1) What console? Nintendo showcased the controller and forgot about the console
2) Most likely, their 8th gen console will be significantly weaker than MS and Sony 8th gen consoles making development for games at that point for devs back to the Wii and ps3 / 360 scenario.
3)Disk capacity? Disk format?
4) HDD? what are the specs?
5) How expensiv will this new controller be considering regualr controllers are £30. Will the controller be sold at a loss and if so by how much? If it is expensive, will people buy it? My ball park guestimate is around £60-80 for the controller.
6) why are they using out of date Wii plus controllers for motion gaming?
7) A year or 2 after release, it will be outdated when Sony and MS release their consoles bringing development of games back to the Wii and ps3 / 360 scenario.
8) controller is not portable and hasn't got complete tablet functionality although it designed to look and perform similar to one.
8) PSV (refuse to call it Vita) does a lot of what the Wii U controller does and a lot more and it will be portable, have its own set of games for on the go and at home and it is priced well. How will this affect Wii U sales and its controller sales.

All these points show that there are a lot of variables unaccounted for and for anyone who has shares with Nintendo will want these answering.

metsgaming2741d ago

the casuals like it but for the core that isnt Zelda and mario fanatics the console does nothing of major interest.

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Shok2742d ago

The Wii U was pretty much a hit-or-miss with people.

AWBrawler2742d ago

was a hit for me. Where do I enroll at Wii U?

nevin12742d ago


I thought of Wii University too.

AWBrawler2742d ago

LOL we graduated Wii highschool and headed fto the University. I swear Wii U commercials should do a college spoof

hoof1232741d ago

Haha nice. I've seen Wii U-rinal. Which is a bit more on the crude side.

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VampiricDragon2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

The wii U has been a huge hit amongst game analysts and game bloggers and everyone whose tried it. There hasnt been one negative playtest or preview.

I guess suits see it different.

Oh well. Its not like the fate of the system will be decided 1.5 years BEFORE launch. Come back to me 5+ years after launch. You need to literally give a system that much time to see the true story. The ds was a flop after 2 years, best selling system ever after 6.

Goes to show you, you know.

@ disagrees prove me wrong. Oh thats right you cant.

DeeZee2742d ago

The thing is, we really can't trust the previews. Most of the bigger sites are afraid to give actual opinions in a preview. Like I was watching a video with an IGN editor talking about the Xbox 360 event, it's looked like she was holding back and was afraid to say it was average at best...

thugbob2742d ago

Previews are almost always positive and then the actually review hits and you see a 6/10 which leaves you scratching your head, "in the previews you led me to believe the game was actually worth looking forward to."

2742d ago
Darkfocus2742d ago

read Joystiq...

by the way most aren't positive either...I see a distinctly neutral attitude from everyone but IGNorant....

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Burning_Finger2742d ago

it's another gimmick from nintendo..

VampiricDragon2742d ago

most things are gimmicks. Get use to it. Those who have actually playtested and tried the new system have nothing but positive things to say.

Those who havent tried and need to reassure themselves why it sucks calls it a gimmick

good night

EYEamNUMBER12742d ago

so your saying the competition will implement it down the road and say they always planned on doing so then?

that seems to be the trend with these so called "gimmicks"

mamotte2742d ago it'll be copied by Sony

nnotdead2741d ago

having a portable control a console has been done by Nintendo and Sony already, but you could actually leave your house to play those portable.

your truly telling me you didn't think of the Vita when the first showed off the WiiU?

jacksonmichael2742d ago

Gimmick is just another word for awesome thing that you should buy.

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trancefreak2742d ago

Firstly that controller looks like it will strain you arms over time.

And secondly I wouldnt let my kids touch that I see what they do to a ds3 or a xbox controller already.

Could you imagine when the screen gets cracked. Screw that.