FIFA 12 E3 2011 Q&A Core Gameplay

David Rutter answers gamers most popular questions about the core gameplay features in FIFA 12.

Here’s some of the things we learnt.

Tactical Defending removes the classic “homing missile” style defending and transforms the way you’ll play without the ball.

Headed Goals will not be as easy as in past games. Keepers and defending are much improved, as well as brand new in air collisions will make it much more difficult.

Fast throw-in’s have made it into this years FIFA.

A new drop ball mechanic has been introduced to accurately simulate injuries and other certain areas.

One of the major improvements is “precision dribbling” with a much better “close control mechanic”.

The AI (both in terms of AI in multiplayer and single player) has been much improved.

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no_more_heroes2691d ago

Sounds promising. If it all WORKS PROPERLY, then I might actually enjoy playing FIFA again, 'cuz right now it's only the lesser of two pustule-covered evils to me.

Keywords: "to me", as in, don't take it personally.

Hanif-8762691d ago

For me personally Fifa is the best thing that happened to football simulations this generation. Pro Evolution Soccer fell behind and honestly i don't think that they'll ever catch up if the Fifa developers keeps on innovating like this.