"We are not shallow" says Tomb Raider's Karl Stewart writes "In an interview today Karl Stewart, global brand manager of Crystal Dynamics, has stated the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot is "not shallow".

Responding to the recent reaction had by viewers of Tomb Raider's demonstration at yesterday's Microsoft conference, he says

"The one thing I would say is that the demo which we have right now behind closed doors is the full demo. For the Microsoft event we were asked to take a 15 minute experience in the den and give it a five and a half minutes."

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RememberThe3572691d ago

Nothing about this game that I've seen make me think it shallow. Where did people get that from? Like he said it's a five minute demo.

I like where taking this reboot. I never was into the old Laura Croft so I'm looking forward to where they take her.

Pintheshadows2691d ago

Maybe Laras noises. But I enjoyed them.

despair2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I found them irritating after a couple minutes. It looked to me that they were trying to be way too much like Uncharted as it was very similar in style to the beginning of UC2, grunts, injuries and talking to him/herself as well.

Unfortunately the animations were not top notch and the sudden events felt lacking, the puzzle was also the biggest..well..puzzle. It was completely random and didn't exactly make sense. But its still a long ways off and the visuals are pretty good.

A lot of potential in this game and its definitely one to look out for. Also the CG trailer they showed before was just insane in quality.

nickjkl2691d ago

so inbetween the grunts and moans im guessing is explicit content

ABizzel12691d ago

This is the first Tomb Raider I've ever wanted to buy. This new take on the franchise has me completely excited.

Rusco872691d ago

It seems they have taken the microsoft side in this. I think they know that the game is going to turn out like uncharted, but with a female character. Showing that at a Sony event would be double standards. It will be interesting to see the game in twelve months time to see if this xbox developed game can come close to what the uncharted series has brought to the playstation.

Inside_out2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

@Rusco...must be new to gaming. Tomb Raider was/has been around a lot longer than a clue. As a matter of fact Naughty dog has been stealing away the talent behind this franchise...that live demo shows why. BTW...Prince of Persia is the game that did it all before any of these guys ( GOW, Uncharted, tomb raider etc...) and never gets the credit it deserves.

The only people that could possibly complain about that game play are the butthurt fanboys that know there game can't compete with such a ballsy, gritty and incredible looking game.

Here's an E3 interview with the makers of Tomb Raider. They know what they have and it's going to be a epic title...

I here the peanut gallery complaining about the noises, like Uncharted lead Nathan Drake's grunts are any better...O_o...Maybe Lara should make a dumb joke every time she falls or is being chased like Nathan " Indiana " Drake.

despair2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

are you sure you played the previous Tomb Raider games? I played most of them and loved some, hated others but they may have had a little influence on Uncharted but not as much as you think, and they never came close to Uncharted level.

This new game definitely has taken a lot of cues from Uncharted as the entire demo was very similar to the opening of Uncharted 2. It may not have had the same setting but the general feel of it was definitely mirroring Uncharted 2, even down to the grunting, injuries and talking to themselves.

Also I agree the prince of persia games inspired both series, but at this point inspiration only gets you so far..look how much Uncharted has progressed in just 2 titles. Its up to the individual developers to take that inspiration and make it into something great.

There is potential in this new game, but its not quite there yet, albeit I'm basing this on a 5 minute demo.

edit: oh and the noises from Drake are not as grating to the ears as hers was in the demo, its all about the tone and pitch if you ask me, some voices sound better than others when used in different ways.

Rusco872691d ago

@inside_out. New to gaming? No. And I think you took my comment the wrong way tbh. I'm not comparing the original tomb raiders to uncharted, and I am fully aware of how much uncharted has been influenced from the early outings of Lara croft. What I'm saying is that the dev are clearly going for the high bar that uncharted has set in this genre this generation. And in relation to the article I dont think the demo shown at e3 was much different to what uncharted offers at the moment. And it will be at least 12 months before we see anything to think that this tomb raider game can compete with uncharted.

Going on about fanboyism just causes arguments for no reason. I have and xbox ps3 dont get involved with that debate. So leave your comments about fanboys to your "blog".

GoldPS32691d ago

Any you know MS will promote Tomb Raider like it's a 360 exclusive and make it look like they have an Uncharted type game now.

RankFTW2691d ago

The gameplay I seen for this at E3 cranked my excitement meter upto 11.

chazjamie2691d ago

Obviously you are game developer's. You can't afford to be.