Sony Announces Affordable 3D Display, But is It Good Enough to Buy?

Allen Park writes, "At yesterday’s Sony press conference, Jack Tretton announced the production of a PlayStation branded 3D display, specifically designed for the 3D gaming experience. At 24 inches, a somewhat affordable price of $499, and with the revolutionary ability to play 2-player multiplayer on one screen without split-screen, it’s most certainly the display on the market that won’t absolutely ravage your wallet, but it is actually worth the money?

Immediately after the Sony conference ended, a couple of us were able to take a look at the displays and see how well they worked."

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jerethdagryphon2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

um ... did you expect to be able to split 1 240 hz display into 4 60 hertz displays on a tech basis designed for running 2 displays... if so your a fool.

3d glasses take 2 disarate immages and merge them into differing viewpoints

its not so much a mater of the refresh rate as it is slplitting an immage
60 hz or a standard tv fill the screen upto 60 time a second thats fine for standard viewing but for 3d you need to display 2 seperate pictures lets call em a and b if you used iz3d s technique of stacked screens you get

with the 3d effect emerging as c effectivly in active chutter systems the tv alternates lines
ababababab with the glasses picking out what you need

on alterating frames faster then your eye can see it so you see both images simutaniosly what this is doing is using both parts of it to display 2 images instead of 1 3d one


glasses one picks out player ones immage aaaaaa and glasses b pulls out the remaingng bbbbb

theres no point at which they can make a 3d effect out of that without fundamental changes in the system used
its possilbe that immages c and d could be sent to the tv and displayed on alternating frames but that would require a significant processor and ram for the tv as well as making the immages jumpy

the ghosting was likly mis shuttering of the glasses
its meeant for split screening in 2d on one screen im cool with that

as for it being game dependendt yes... but its based off of split screen tech all it has to do is runn it through a filter

most 3d tvs are 120 hz as 240 hz is costly and comes with a raft of issues

ill probobly get one because i like my sony tech if its bravia based and i think it is then great

metsgaming2693d ago

for me no but it helps alot. For me im not looking for a small screen to play on and i want to see the glassless tv's that are coming out soon.

tweet752694d ago

I think over the next year or 2 ,3d tvs will become alot cheaper and it will become a more standard feature.

InFAMOUS12694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I dunno why anyone would waste $500 on a 24" screen... Spend another $300 and get a 50"....

EDIT @ Bobby:

O.K so for the people who are limited to space, why would you spend $500 on a 24" display when you can get one for $250? My argument remains the same... $500 for a 24" display is robbery.. It's 2011, this tech is getting old already and Sony is reallly the only company left over charging for their TVs. Granted, the Bravia series are very durable, reliable and nice TVs; however, they typically run $200-$500 more than a typical Samsung or LG model with the same specs... So regardless of space or even brand loyalty, why would anyone spend that for 24".....

Bobby Kotex2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Yeah, that 50" would fit great in a dorm room.

InFAMOUS12694d ago

not to mention co-op play on a 24" screen..... RIGHTTTTTTT... $500 bucks and you get a 12" screen when a friend is over..... FUN....

nycredude2694d ago

infamous I don't think you get it. First of all 24 inch is measured from corner to corner. Second each person sees their own screen, meaning the entire size of the screen projects a different image. It's a new patented technology. You are trying too hard bro to hate. Why would someone by a laptop or pc powered by nvidia 3d tech?

Sony will sell tons of these, no matter what you comment on n4g.

InFAMOUS12694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

lol @ NYcredude..

I don't even know how to respond...

I understand the concept completely.. It is not hard once you realize that the glasses are needed to view the image in 2D... It makes itself clear early on.. Second, if you took what I said as hate speech then I actually feel sad for you.. Sad for the fact that you see such negativity in everything you read... I ain't hating.. I am being realistic.. There are already a ton of videos of people showcasing their 40"+ 3D TVs doing the exact same thing... with a few minor tweaks to the glasses and you got the exact same solution BUT you got a bigger TV and paid less... Gee, I wonder which one is wiser...

With regards to what my comments influence on N4G.. LMFAO.. I don't even know why you would make that comment, other then thinking that I or anyone else would actually be swayed by your opinion on n4g... See what I did there? I stopped hating A LONG time ago 'bro' and started being realistic.. There is a difference... This technology is OLD, the only difference is Sony is bringing it out as new and charging you a premium for it.. Like every electronics manufacturer.. They all do it... Hopefully, after posting this I can sway 2 million people from either A) buying a $500 24" monitor or B) Let people know how self centered and righteous you THINK you are...

GrandTheftZamboni2694d ago

Subtract $60 bucks for the game, $20 for the cable.

BISHOP-BRASIL2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

But if your room can only fit a 24", you can get one for way less than 500 bucks...

Don't get me wrong, I can see what you mean, there is a market for this small sized 3D screens, but when I hear about 3D TV dedicated for gaming, that's the kind of thing I want on my living room, not a small screen...

I believe most people, when heard about an affordable 3D TV for gaming hoped for the living room TV, hence some of us got a little disappointed.

I'm not saying the PS TV is a bad deal, just that it's a deal many of us aren't interest on. Even if cheap for 3D, 500 dollars is too much money for a bedroom TV where my biggest concern is simply it having a remote control, so I can change channels and turn off without having to hop out of my warm bed.

EDIT: was aimed @bobby

arjman2693d ago

The $500 is for the Tv, two pairs of 3d glasses, resistance 3 and a hdmi cable

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blumatt2694d ago

I liked this when Sony unveiled it. It would be perfect for a teen's bedroom where they wouldn't need a huge TV, but they want to game in 3D a little bit. I kinda wish they would've announced another model, like maybe a 46" for maybe $800.

beast242tru2694d ago

its great buy for my room its 3d comes with glasses and a AAA 2011 exclusive with hdmi cable cumon buddy did u notice the tv is sony??? top shelf @ affordable price = no complaints

femshep2694d ago


but its 24 inches.....k thanks but i like my 40 something inch that isnt a gimmick

dragon822694d ago

after you take away the price of all the other stuff, the tv is like $200. That is very affordable for a 3D tv.

I also prefer my 46" Bravia. I can see the value in this package though, for people with small rooms or college students living in dorms.

sikbeta2694d ago

Gimmick? blasphemy you woman! it's coming with Resistance 3, enough said.

femshep2694d ago

yeah and that is the only nice part i liked.....24 inches is to small for me and 3d is pure gimmick....though the idea of using glasses for local coop is it wasnt for the 3d

colonel1792694d ago

"24 inches is to small for me" ...

That's what she said....
Really... look above -___-

GrandTheftZamboni2694d ago

"24 inches is to small for me"

It will look bigger if you come closer.

That's what he said.

Seriously, I watch movies on PSP and the picture is fine as I watch them from a short distance.

Dead_Cell2694d ago

A lot of day to day appliances started as "gimmicks".

HeavenlySnipes2694d ago

is 26" and I play games splitscreen and shit all them time. My main tv is 55" but the 26" one is just fine. Add the fact that this can revolutionize spliscreen gaming and the fact that its 3D makes it an insta buy for me.

nycredude2694d ago

I love how the haters all of a sudden like their 40 inch. do you have a computer? When you sit in front of your computer does your screen look small? This is meant for a certain target. If it ain't for you fine but to think just becuase you don't like it doesn't mean there won't be anyone who wants one. You can use this for a pc monitor. How much is a 240hz monitor which can do 3d?

BTW I love my 52 inch 3d bravia but still going to get this for my pc.

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