Kinect Star Wars - E3 2011: Co-Op Jedi Walkthrough (Cam)

Get some face time with Kinect Star Wars straight from the floor of E3 2011 with commentary from Director of Design Chris Esaki.

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bruddahmanmatt2741d ago

Seems a lot like Tony Hawk what with all them RAILS.

Controls look sluggish, gameplay looks cumbersome and boring. I'd probably get bored after 10 minutes or so. Having something to hold on to > aimlessly flailing your arms through the air. Sorry Microsoft, you blew it.

ElementX2741d ago

It didn't look very responsive, granted this isn't the final product, but it's not looking good.

Bathyj2741d ago

I just dont see the appeal when you can wave your arms around like crazy and the Saber swipes once, slowly.

Its not copying your movements. Its just using movement as a trigger to play the canned animations.

I just dont see any skill or fun in it, unless you really, really want to be a Jedi and this is as close as you can get.

I'd love to see a first person Samurai game with 1:1 tracking and body specific damage and injury's.

Why isnt anyone trying to do something ambitious with this tech instead of all this fluff?

MasterCornholio2741d ago

As much as i love starwars this looks terrible. They should have just done an exclusive Jedi Knight game but without Kinect or at most with Kinect as an option.

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