Digital Battle: Crysis Demo Impressions

First of all unless gamers have a supercomputer at home, they are not going to be "blown away" by the visuals. Now, if they do happen to own a rather powerful machine, the graphics will certainly impress them unlike any other game. If they can get a decent frame rate to enjoy it, that is.

Bottomline: Nice demo but Crytek really has more work to do if they really expect this game to do well. This is one of those instances when releasing a demo that has major performance issues may really hurt the bottom line. They may need to release another demo once they fix the optimization issues.

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sagapo4878d ago

Setup; nForce650i, 8800GTS640, E6600. Playing at 1680*1050, no AA, all on High, Windows XP. Runs smoothly, got some framedrops when things get really nasty, but not that much...
So, i'm pretty satisfied :)

unsunghero284878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

I have never expected so much from a demo and been so disappointed.

I played it on an 8800 GTS, DX9 on Windows XP. The graphics were subpar, the gunplay was horrible (almost broken), and it just wasn't any fun. At all.

I didn't even finish, just alt-f4'd it and went back to playing the COD4 demo.

KeiZka4878d ago

Multiplayer is battlefieldish, with some innovations, and that's about it. Physics may be fun, but they aren't there really, unless you have Vista it seems. A letdown for me as well.

kittoo4878d ago

8800GTS 640MB, E6600, 2GB 667MHz. It ran fine on my comp at 1280*1024. In both DX9 and DX10. It was soooo awesome.

VirusE4878d ago

1280*1024 is crappy for Pc games though.