Forza Motorsport 4 - E3 2011: Auto Vista Mode Walkthrough (Cam)

Check out Forza 4's Auto Vista Mode in detail in this walkthrough from E3 2011 with Lead Designer Bill Giese.

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Kon2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Looks fantastic! It almost looked like real life! Can't wait to play it.

360 man2692d ago

how are they doin that on 360

SantistaUSA2692d ago

Damn thats just beautiful! :)

MaxXAttaxX2691d ago

Aaaand the gameplay looks like........

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Convas2692d ago

Epic Deliciousness? Not really played any racing games for consoles, besides Dirt 3 at my buddy's and the Forza 3 demo, but this ... this is GORGEOUS!

I might have to add this to my list ...

HeavenlySnipes2692d ago

but its a car. Not to hard to render it beautifully in a space where nothing else is happening. Not hating, definitely looks better than most of the cars in GT5 (if not all, barely played GT5)

Before GT5 fanboys and Forza fanboys headbutt, here is my opinion on the two franchises. Forza is a realistic RACING game. Back when I had Forza 3, I remember that it was easy to pick up and play, you could go fast and if you were half decent, could do well in races.

GT is a DRIVING sim. IMO its more focused on making the cars react realistically and making each car drive like its real life couunterpart then it is on the visual appeal 'fun'. Thats why I remember a reviewer saying that GT5 forgot to be a 'game' it wasn't really made for 'fun' unless you are a car enthusiast and want to see how it feels to drive certain cars with your really expensive wheel.

That's why Forza gets higher ratings, it isn't an arcade racer like Midnight Club, but its not so realistic that non fans of the racing sim genre can't enjoy it for what it is. (Look at the video, the guy driving doesn't really need to follow the lines, he can simply burst through the thing)

Like I said, I have GT5, it is filled with content, but damn, is it hard to try and drive without crashing lol.

2692d ago
jerethdagryphon2691d ago

i can agree with that forza is a realistic game fun is more important then accurately simulating cylinders firing at 5643 rpm in the rain on a banked curve.

forza is realistic and is designed as a game
gt is a sim it never should have been marketed as a game that caused people to be disapointed

beutiful looking game i look forward to it

khamvongsa092692d ago

Oh man that looks beautiful... Bring on the competition!! I want more innovation in both GT5 and Forza! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.